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Are there any illegal bets in roulette?

Are there any illegal bets in roulette? Now that isn’t a question you come across every day. Most players are interested in finding out whether they can win at online roulette, which numbers hit the most, and what the best bets and strategies are.

However, knowing which bets are illegal, is important too. You wouldn’t want to get caught up with explaining yourself or losing out on a payout because you placed an illegal bet. So, with that in mind, we have set out to explain what these illegal roulette bets are.

Banned Roulette Strategies

Often illegal bets come part and parcel with banned roulette strategies. In particular, strategies that involve the use of a roulette computer device. A roulette computer device calculates or predicts which pocket the ball is most likely to land in.

Couple this with late betting, and you have a match made in illegal bet heaven.

At roulette casinos, the dealer will often wave their hand to signal that there are no more bets can be placed before spinning the wheel. However, the roulette computer device can only start calculating after the wheel starts spinning.

Illegal Roulette Bets

Therefore, to place a late bet you essentially have to cheat and move your chips to the section you want on the roulette table. To do this, you would have to distract the dealer at the table so that you move your chips unnoticed.

Late bets are not always illegal though. Some casinos actually allow players to place late bets because it means more bets and more money per game. But if they notice that a player is using the late betting system together with a roulette computer device, they will stop the game.

Call Betting

Call betting is considered an illegal bet in many regions. To understand why a call bet is considered illegal we have to define what it is.

A call bet is a bet that a player makes and announces without putting any chips on the table for the bet. Essentially, the player is betting on credit because they have not actually covered the cost of the wager.

They have made a wager without putting any money or chips to back that wager up. So, should the player lose, they owe the casino money. Keep in mind that gambling laws in different jurisdictions may not permit gambling on credit to curb problem gambling.


So, in brief what the illegal bets in Roulette?

  1. Call betting, which is essentially betting on credit.
  2. Late betting with the use of a cheating device, such as a roulette computer prediction device.


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