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NBA Players take a stance on Black Lives Matter

NBA commemorate George Floyd

The NBA says black lives matter, in a stance expressed by both the women’s and the men’s league. The National basketball association announced its return to the game last Friday. After almost three months of hiatus due to the worldwide pandemic caused coronavirus. The NBA players represented by Kyrie Irvin released a statement regarding their […]

NHL and NBA Returns- Big Sporting Leagues Making Comeback

NFL NBA Return

There’s good news for sports fans as the  NHL, NBA return. After being deprived for over three months, fans and sports fanatics will be excited to hear their favourite teams are resuming training and preparation is in full swing. All sporting events were met with abrupt halts because of the coronavirus pandemic. A highly infectious […]

Illegal Sportsbook Operations Busted in the Chicago Area

Chicago sports betting usa

An illegal Chicago sportsbook was busted, and more than ten people were charged and indicted. Amongst the ten were the brothers of the well known Chicago Bears linebacker, who cannot be named due to confidentiality issues.  The sports betting operation was under the leadership of Vincent Delgiudice, who has nine charges against him so far. […]

Arizona Sports Betting Given a Second Chance

Arizona Sports Betting Legislation

Arizona’s sports betting bill is on the governor’s desk a second time, after a failed first attempt in 2019. The federal ban on sports betting was struck down by the American Supreme Court in May 2018. From this decision, legalizing sports betting is now a resolution state can make on their own. While many states […]

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