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Does the MIT Blackjack Team Still Exist?

MIT blackjack team

Unfortunately, the MIT blackjack team no longer exists, but they managed to crush casinos for almost two decades, making millions in that time. We think that this blackjack team would still be playing if casinos allowed them to. There is nothing casinos hate more than losing money to card counters. The MIT team was outnumbered […]

Do Quick Picks Ever Win the Lottery?

lottery quick picks

Many lottery players wonder if quick picks are better than selecting lottery numbers manually. Some players believe that their own numbers hold a special power or are extremely lucky because they are birth dates, a special day, or a holiday. Others choose to play the lottery using strategies, such a hot and cold numbers or […]

Is Video Poker A Game of Skill?

game of skill

When it comes to determining whether video poker is a game of skill, there are two answers. The first answer is: yes, video poker is game of skill. To make money playing video poker, you will need skill to win. The second answer is: video poker is not a game of skill. The argument is […]

Can you win Pai Gow Poker?

Can you win Pai Gow Poker

Yes, you can win Pai Gow poker games online. But you will need to fully understand the rules in order to. Also, reading up on a good strategy and using tips and tricks can help you improve your odds. Pai Gow Poker is derived from a dominos game and it requires you to form two […]

Are Lottery Scratch Offs Rigged?

Are Scratch Offs Rigged

A simple answer to this question is: no, lottery scratch offs are not rigged. With that being said, you are here because you think these games are rigged. Scratch cards are a game of luck more than anything else. Of course, you will come across a few guides on stating how to beat online scratch […]

Why Craps is the best casino game?

why craps best game

Many players wonder why craps are one of the best casino games to play online. There a few reasons, such as the game being a high paying casino game. Also, many shy away from the game because they think it too hard to play. Not only does this mean you will always have space at […]

Dallas Mavericks vs. Chicago Bulls Predictions, Picks & Betting Odds 3/3/20

Game: Dallas Mavericks at Chicago Bulls Date & Time: Tuesday, March 2, 2020, 8 pm (EST) Location: United Center, Chicago, IL The NBA interconference tonight will see the Dallas Mavericks at Chicago Bulls in Illinois. The Dallas Mavericks continue their road trip with face off against the Chicago Bulls. Based on the standing of both […]

Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs Predictions and Odds 01/17/2020

Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs match up could possibly be one for the books. Miami heat is going into this matchup coming from a win over the Spurs. Miami is currently in second place in the Eastern Conference after winning 106-100 to the Spurs on Wednesday.  The spurs who are one of the dominant […]

Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams Predictions and Odds 11/25/19

Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams Predictions

Tonight’s NFL game will see the Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams in week 12. Going into tonight’s game, the Rams are fully aware that they will be going head to head with a team that is amongst the highest-scoring teams in the NFL. The Ravens head into the match to win their seventh straight […]

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