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Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams Predictions and Odds 11/25/19

Tonight’s NFL game will see the Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams in week 12. Going into tonight’s game, the Rams are fully aware that they will be going head to head with a team that is amongst the highest-scoring teams in the NFL. The Ravens head into the match to win their seventh straight games in their first super bowl winning season in 2000. Both sides have a lot at stake as the Rams are currently third in the NFC West and would like a solid finish before heading to the playoffs.

In 2015 the Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams matchup saw the Raven win 16-13 to the Rams. The match was played at M&T Bank stadium. Both teams had outstanding moments with Todd Gurley, Rams running back finish the game with 66 yards and one touchdown. Ravens placekicker, Justin Tucker kicked three field goals for his side.

The Ravens are having one of the most sought-after offensive seasons with MVP candidate Lamar Jackson emerging as 2019 league top threat. Positioning themselves as the publics’ most popular side in week 12, the Ravens are the easy bet to make. However, the Rams defensive lines need to be looked out for.

Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams Predictions

Tonight’s Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams matchup could possibly end as a close call. Before we make any predictions, here a few key facts, we need to look at.

Baltimore Ravens Stats

  • The Ravens are currently at an average of 34.1 points a game
  • After signing an extended contract with the team, Goff as passed for 11 touchdowns with ten interceptions.
  • The team has produced an average of 39 points against the Texans, Bengals, Patriots and Seahawks.
  • Lamar is posing as a threat to the Rams by racking up 8.1 yards per pass.

Los Angeles Rams Stats

  • The Rams are coming from a 17-7 victory over the Chicago bears.
  • The teams in 10 games have totaled only 243.
  • Rob Havenstein, as we as Darious Williams, will both sit out the games due to injuries.
  • The Rams have home ground advantage.

Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams Odds


Baltimore Ravens-190-190-190
Los Angeles Rams+165+165+165


Baltimore Ravens-110-110-115
Los Angeles Rams-110-110-105


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