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Women’s National Basketball Association betting (or WNBA betting) has really closed the gap in terms of popularity in relation to NBA betting in recent years. In addition to the league being very competitive, matches provide additional betting opportunities for basketball fanatics. Nowadays, United States bettors can enjoy placing bets on their favorite WNBA side at any of the best online sportsbooks. With only twelve teams, it is easier to follow the WNBA and make more accurate betting predictions due to the season being shorter and there being fewer competitors to analyze.

If you would like to begin betting on the WNBA, but don’t really know where to start, we encourage you to read our guide on basketball betting on the WNBA down below. Areas we cover include top lines at online gambling sites, how to read odds and tips to keep in mind when placing a wager. We also provide WNBA expert picks throughout the season. So, read on and learn all you need to know about WNBA betting.

Best WNBA Sportsbooks 2020

Looking for the best WNBA lines? Try out one of the sports betting sites listed down below. They offer all the best odds on all the most popular betting markets. So, try out your luck on your WNBA predictions today!

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Understanding WNBA Betting Lines

The bets listed below aren’t the only wagers that can be made on WNBA games at basketball betting sites, but they are certainly the most popular.

  • WNBA Spreads – these generally tend to be the most popular WNBA daily lines. Basically, with this bet, one team is named a favorite and the other is named an underdog. The favorite is then given a scoring handicap to even the odds. If you bet on the favorite, they will need to overcome the handicap for you to win the wager.
  • Moneylines – this is probably easiest bet to understand and make. All you need to do with moneylines is select a winner for the match-up.
  • Futures – do you think you know who is going to win the WNBA Championship next September? Then, you may want to place a future bet. Future bets are any bets made on a big match due to take place sometime in the future.
  • WNBA Picks and Parlays – parlays allow bettors to rope in multiple bets on one betting card for bigger odds and payouts. Gamblers need to get every wager correct in order for there to be a payout.
  • Over Unders – these are bets made on what the total score of the game is going to be combined. In general, we recommend going under in WNBA games.

Making WNBA Picks Today

When making WNBA betting picks, it is important to consider whether or not the team you want to bet on is suitable for the line. For example, perhaps the Los Angeles Sparks are a good moneyline team, but not a good spread bet team due to the inconsistency of their results.

We constantly post WNBA free picks in our blog and on our Twitter page. Make sure to follow to get the latest updates and betting tips!

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WNBA Odds Explained

Understanding WNBA betting odds is really simple. Learning how they work really is the first step to making successful bets. So, the first thing you have got to know is the fact that there are three different formats used to display odds. These are the following:

  • American/Moneyline – this is the most popular format at US sportsbooks. Bettors use the following formulas to calculate their odds, depending on whether there is a plus or minus sign in front of the figure.
    • Plus – Odds x (Stake/100)
    • Minus – (100/Odds) x Stake
  • Fractional – as the name may already suggest, these odds are displayed using a fractional symbol. In order to calculate how much you could potentially win, you need to multiply your stake with the number at the top of the fraction and then divide it by the number at the bottom.
  • Decimal – a decimal number is used to represent odds. All bettors need to do is multiply their stake by the odds in order to calculate total potential winnings.
WNBA Betting Online US Guide

Best WNBA Betting Tips

Our basketball betting experts typically post top WNBA betting predictions every year. All predictions are influenced by a number of factors, including how a team has performed over time, team history, current line-up and more. If you are looking to improve your WNBA betting system, make sure to consider the following tips before placing a wager:

  • Home Court Advantage is Real – although this seems like a sports cliché, it really isn’t. Teams in the WNBA tend to perform better when playing at home. If a team is looking good at home, make sure to bet on them to win when they’re on their own court. (Also, make sure to have a good look at current stats before doing so though.)
  • Bet Unders Rather Than Overs – although NBA matchups tend to see huge scorelines, the WNBA teams as a whole tend to focus more on defense. So, if you are looking at making a WNBA over under bet, we really recommend that you choose under rather than over. Again, there is a whole load of other factors to consider, but this really is generally the case.
  • Research Teams – before placing any sort of bet, it is important to look at the two teams involved in a match-up. This includes previous match results, stats and team history. You want to get as much information about the team as you can before making the bet so that you are informed when you do.
  • Look at WNBA Betting Trends – have a look at how the public is betting on a particular match up. Trends usually make you consider factors you have not thought of before. Sometimes, betting against the WNBA consensus picks is also a legitimate betting strategy you can use to increase your wins if your selection proves to be correct.

WNBA Standings & Results

Similar to the NBA, the WNBA is divided into the Eastern and the Western Conference. Bettors can start betting on basketball games from the regular season, which runs from May to September. The teams qualify for the playoffs and battle it out in the WNBA Finals annually from September to October.

WNBA scores and results are just some of the bets that US bettors can wager on. However, it is common knowledge that every bet should be informed by some stats. Bettors ought to browse the WNBA standings to find out how each team has been faring in their games. A team’s betting odds will be determined by their stats over the course of the season.

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