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FIBA World Cup – Basketball World Cup Betting

Betting on Basketball games is very popular among USA punters, especially during the FIBA World Cup or FIBA Basketball World Cup as some like to call it. The first FIBA World Championship took place in 1950 and has since taken place every four years (with only two exceptions). The current format for FIBA consist of 24 teams, however, this is subject to change in 2019 which will see 32 teams participating. The USA is by far the most successful basketball team with a total of 11 medals from the FIBA World Cup. Read on for more on FIBA online gambling sites, betting tips and also find the 2019 schedule.

Best Basketball Sports Betting Sites

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Types of Basketball Bets:

Below are the types of FIBA bets which USA players can wager.

Basketball Futures

A futures bet also referred to as futures, is a wager that is placed on an outcome that comes at a later date. However, with this type of bet, bettors usually wager on an eventual winner of a tournament. Meanwhile, FIBA World Cup bets focus solely on the outright winner. The best sports betting sites often releases future bets not only on the outright winner but also bets on leading points scorers or MVP once the official basketball rosters are announced.

FIBA World Cup Total Bets

Totals are a very popular type of bets in basketball. USA bettors get to wager on whether less or more points will be scored in a game. If you bet over and fewer points are scored, you lose your bet. Whereas if you bet over and more points are scored you win the bet. When betting on the totals market, it is the total points scored that count and not the team that scores them.

Prop Bets

Another popular and fun bet in basketball, these include all of the additional or side bets which punters can find in basketball. Prop bets can be placed on a team-leading at half-time or a player which you think will score more points in that specific game.

Point Spreads

Usually, bookmakers offer odds on this kind of a bet. Point spreads don’t take the overall score into account. Say, USA is playing against Argentina. If you bet that the USA will win on 6 points, the odds won’t count – you will win the bet even if the team wins on 7 points. What remains is the fact that the team has won.

Basketball Betting Bonuses

Basketball betting is fun and very rewarding when playing at the best sportsbook. Our highly recommended sites offer the best bonuses for USA players. Some of them also have welcome bonuses for new bettors.

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FIBA World Cup 2019

The 2019 FIBA World Cup will be the 18th tournament set to take place from Saturday, 31 August and end on Sunday, 15 September. The major basketball event will be hosted in China at the following venues:

  • Cadillac Arena, Beijing
  • Foshan International Sports and Cultural Center, Foshan
  • Dongfeng Nissan Cultural and Sports Centre, Dongguan
  • Guangzhou International Sports Arena, Guangzhou
  • Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai
  • Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Nanjing
  • Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre, Shenzhen
  • Wuhan Gymnasium, Wuhan

The basketball tournament will be played in three stages of which on the first one, is where the 32 qualified teams will be sorted into eight groups of four and will advance from there after each game. In total there will be 92 games which will be played in 16 days which means more bets, more rewards for US punters!

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