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Best Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets to Put Your Money On

With the big game around the corner, US sportsbooks are stacking bettors with loads of potential Super Bowl 54 prop bets. From the traditional bets seen in most regular season games to the all the exotic bets you have never seen in your life before, gamblers will be spoilt for choice this weekend with a load of wonderful and exciting options. Probably, the best thing about it all is that there are some good opportunities to make piles of cash during what is one of the most anticipated events on sport fans’ calendars.

We have had a good look at all of the options available to US bettors at the top USA sports betting sites and shortlisted some that we feel bettors really have a good chance of making some money on. This includes the traditional bets as well as all the zany ones you only ever hear about afterwards. We also then provide a list of the best betting sites that are sure to provide you with the best odds.

Modern Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets

Here are some of the more traditional Super Bowl prop bets we suggest bettors look at this weekend. Props as a whole are hard to predict but at least there are a few stats to follow behind these:

  • Which team will score first? – so far, the Chiefs have played the catch-up game in their two playoff games. They may do so again against the 49ers who have appeared very strong on their route to the final.
  • Who will score the first touchdown? – this is a hard one as it’s not always the best players that get the first touchdown in big games like this. Often, you’ll find the hard-working players standing out in times like these. However, we find Damien Williams and Raheem Mostert to be two likely candidates. We recommend going for this bet after picking which team you think will score first.
  • Will the game see a sack or a touchdown first? – if the 49ers win the toss, we say go for the sack. 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is not as good at avoiding sacks as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
  • Which will be the first team to commit a turnover? – any way you put it, Garoppolo does not appear to be as talented as Patrick Mahomes. A clear indicator of this is the fact that he has thrown 27 touchdowns for 13 interceptions whereas Mahomes has thrown 26 touchdowns for five interceptions.

Top Exotic Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets

Now let’s take a look at the outlandish bets the Super Bowl has largely grown to be associated with over the years. Although there are hundreds of options available, we tried to focus on listing the wagers most likely to lead to a payout:

  • How long will the national anthem be? – Demi Lovato will be covering the national anthem this year and this is not the first time she has performed it at grand sporting events. In previous years, she has always failed to reach the two-minute mark. With most sportsbooks in favor of her going over, there is a bit of money to be made here.
  • Will Tom Brady be mentioned during the game? – Brady may not be in the Super Bowl but he has won it six times. We think that there’s a good chance of him getting a mention in some way or another, especially seeing as Garoppolo played as his backup in two Super Bowl wins.
  • Which beer commercial will air first? – unsurprisingly, alcohol consumption increases during Super Bowl weekend and Bud Light is America’s favorite beer. We think that Anheuser-Busch InBev will try to get in early with a Bud Light ad to get fans to drink another.
  • Will Donald Trump be at the game? – the President of the United States is under some intense pressure at the moment. But will it mean that he doesn’t have enough time to make an appearance at the biggest sporting event in America? We think so!
  • Will Alex Rodriguez be shown at the game? – we think that this is a no-brainer. He lives in Miami, is considered one the greatest baseball players of all-time and will add to the hype if he is shown on-screen. We think this is an easy.

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