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Roulette James Bond Strategy

James Bond Betting SystemThe roulette James Bond strategy is one of the most popular betting systems for the table game amongst new players. It comes as no surprise, with a name associated with one of the longest-running movie franchises in the film industry. The James Bond strategy is a rather expensive way of playing roulette, with players recommended to distribute up to $200 in bets across the table for a single spin.

Find out the best way to win at roulette using a strategy that works. Our expert gamblers have compiled the odds of winning using the James Bond betting system. Discover how it compares to other betting strategies by following the steps provided below. Visit any of our recommended online casinos to test the system and see if it improves your chances of winning.

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What is the James Bond Strategy?

The James Bond Strategy is basically a betting system that requires players to prioritize a handful of bets on the roulette table instead of the entire board. A player needs to have at least $200 as his bankroll to make the strategy work. You will then distribute the money in unequal fractions to maximize your winnings based on the odds of the payout.

James Bond Strategy Steps

Follow these basic steps of playing roulette using the James Bond betting strategy. You will need $200 that will be distributed into three separate bets:

  • On the first bet, players will bet $140 of the money on the number bet 19-36. This wager can be divided into multiple or fraction of the total amount.
  • The second bet requires the player to place $50 on the number set 13-18.
  • The last bet which is the remaining $10 is reserved for the insurance bet in case the ball rests inside the single zero pocket.

Roulette James Bond Strategy Odds

While the bet might seem steep for a single spin, it is justified by the potential payout if the ball lands on the predicted section. Here are the odds:

  • The first bet has 18:19 odds of winning, and when the roulette ball lands on numbers between 19-36, the player will earn a profit of $80.
  • The second bet has 6:31 odds of winning and if the ball lands on numbers 13-18, the player will get $100 in profit.
  • The insurance bet will payout $160 in profit if the ball lands in the zero pocket, with 1:36 odds.

The risky part of this bet is that when the roulette ball lands in any of the pockets between 1-12 where the player did not place any chips, you will lose the whole $200.

roulette james bond strategy

Does the James Bond Strategy Work?

Yes, the James Bond Strategy does work when playing roulette. There has been a lot of players that have benefited from using the roulette James Bond betting strategy in the past. It is a betting system that is recommended for a limited number of spins. Additionally, players will need to have more than $200 if they do not win on the first spin. With that being said, the strategy has also had critics that fear that the large sum you use to bet makes it hard for players to recoup money lost. For example, if the ball lands on zero on the first roll, you won’t be able to use the strategy on your next bet because you won’t have enough bankroll.

James Bond Betting Strategy FAQs

Does the James Bond roulette strategy work?

Yes, the roulette James Bond strategy does work and the players that use it do win money. It is important to ensure that you have a betting limit and quit once you have a profit. This is because after a long time using the betting system, and you won’t be able to recoup a profit if you lose.

Is there a strategy to playing roulette?

Yes, there are several betting strategies to win when playing roulette that are recommended for different variants of the table game. You can use the James Bond strategy for the European and French roulette that has a single 0 while the Fibonacci strategy, Martingale strategy, and d’Alembert betting system can be used on American roulette as well.

What is the James Bond roulette strategy?

The roulette James Bond betting strategy requires players to distribute $200 into three bets on the roulette table. The bets cover a specific section that consists of hot numbers and the bets are divided into fractions based on the likelihood of the ball landing there.

What number is James Bond in roulette?

The number 3 in roulette is regarded as the James Bond number.

How many numbers should you bet in roulette?

You should bet numbers based on the payout potential as well as the likelihood of the ball landing in those pockets. The roulette games differ.  Some versions have a single zero (0) while others have the single zero as well as the double zero pocket (00). It is advised not to cover the entire table because you will not recoup the money used to wager.

Is roulette all luck?

No, roulette is not all about luck. Granted, you need good fortune to win, but there are betting systems that improve your chances of winning. You can use any of the roulette strategies such as the Martingale strategy, Oscar Grind’s strategy, Fibonacci strategy, d’Alembert system to win.

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