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Oscar Grind’s Strategy

Oscar Grind’s Strategy onlineOscar’s Grind is a betting strategy is used by gamblers on bets where the outcome is distributed between two results of equal value such as flipping a coin, gaming on red or black in roulette, etc.). Oscar’s Grind is a simple betting system used on even-money stakes at numerous casino games, most especially at roulette. Author Allan Wilson renowned the system in his 1965 book, giving it the name Oscar’s Grind from a player he had interviewed. The player’s name was Oscar and the ‘Grind’ system of game references the idea that the stakes don’t get too high and the player grinds out a small win every day.

How to Play Oscar’s Grind

The mathematical foundation of Oscar’s Grind is very simple, however, to keep the bets small enough to be earned after a bad turn of the wheel, it works better on even-money stakes like Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low (1st 18, 2nd 18).

To begin, the player picks a table-stakes bankroll to the risk and get chips to place bets without missing a single spin. If played at roulette, the single-zero wheel is very optimal, with the added benefit of the En Prison or La Partage rule to reduce the house edge. Playing Oscar’s Grind at an American wheel with a zero and double zero and a house edge of over 5% is much risky.

The simplicity of Oscar’s Grind is that the bets begin at 1 unit and don’t increase until there’s a loss and then a win, at which point the bet is increased to 2.

It remains at 2 until a profit is made and the wager returns to 1, or it further increases to 3 if there have been losses and then a win and the streak is still in the negative.

The aim is to make a profit of 1 unit with every string of wagers. You may find that writing down every string is helpful and a very good tool for reviewing the events later.

Oscar Grind’s Strategy game

Pros and cons of the strategy

Unlike the Martingale and D’Alembert systems, this betting strategy is less risky. This is because with every loss you don’t increase the betting amount, but only leave it at the same level.

In addition, the casino game on the Oscar Grind system is divided into numerous cycles and after every one of them. The stake unit goes back to its initial value. Therefore, the likelihood to exceed the stake limits at bookmakers is reduced.

Among the pros, one can note that it is not much profitable as other game systems. Furthermore, there is a chance to lose a tangible part of your bankroll.

An Overview

Certainly, Oscar Grind’s strategy can bring profits in the long run. Though, it can’t be called a win-win strategy, as it includes certain risks of losing money. To make a profit on this game system, you need a thorough analysis of each of the selected betting event. Also, luck won’t be surplus to at least 50% of wagers turned out to be winning.

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