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Whittaker Betting System Explained

best whittaker betting system guide usThe Whittaker betting system attempts to combine the best parts of the Labouchere and Fibonacci strategies in an attempt to create a negative progression system that isn’t so harmful to the wallet. As with all betting systems, players have a look at the outcome of the previous bet, and then adjust upcoming bets accordingly. However, the similarities to the Fibonacci system lie in the fact that there is strict sequence that must be followed. Players increase their stake upon losses and decrease it when they win.

If you would like to find out more about using the Whittaker betting system, such as how it works and the advantages and disadvantages associated with using the strategy, make sure to stick around. Below we have created the ultimate guide to the Whittaker system where we answer all these questions and more. We even list the best US online gambling sites to have a look at when looking for a place to test new strategies without any risk. So, what are you waiting for?

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Whittaker Betting System Guide Contents

whittaker betting system guide

What is the Whittaker Betting System?

As mentioned above, the Whittaker betting system is a negative progression strategy often used by roulette players. The system requires that players focus on making even money bets, which in roulette would be odds/evens or red/black wagers at the best US online casinos.

As with all negative progression systems, players increase their bet if they lose the previous bet. If they win the previous bet, players then decrease their betting amount until they get to their set betting unit. Players use a sequence to increase or decrease their bet similar to the Fibonacci betting system.

However, unlike the Fibonacci system, players only adjust the stakes again after two losses. Players will need to ensure that they are making small bets though so as not to reach a table’s betting limit too soon.
best whittaker strategy guide usa

How Does the Whittaker Betting System Work?

The Whittaker betting system may seem a little confusing with all this theory. So, in order to explain it all a little more clearly, we have outlined the process of using it down below. Players can use any sequence of numbers for the Whittaker system but we recommend sticking to the Fibonacci pattern of 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.

  • Set a betting unit and limits – a betting unit is the total amount of cash bet at one time. Your initial bet sets the unit amount. So, for example, if your first bet is US$10, players will increase their bets in increments of US$10. So, four units would be US$40 and so on. Before starting the game, players should also set betting limits for how high they are willing to increase their wagers.
  • Play a game and adjust your bet size – play your first game and begin the sequence. If you lose, you’ll have to wait another game before increasing the bet size. But upon the second loss you’ll be required to do so. If you are following the Fibonacci sequence, this will mean US$20. If you win the first bet, you don’t alter the bet amount. However, if you win after a losing streak, you’ll need to follow the sequence backwards.
  • Begin the pattern again – once you get to the end of the pattern, you will need to begin it again. Keep cycling until you reach your bust, your bankroll limit or decide to walk away with some winnings.
whittaker betting system advantages

Advantages of the Whittaker Strategy

We don’t really like negative progression betting systems but there are a few advantages associated with using the Whittaker strategy. Here are some of the most important to take under consideration:

  • A player’s chances of walking away with some sort of profit are statistically higher if players have luck on their side. The sequence is designed in such a manner so as to get players back to their starting bankroll amount if they lose.
  • Players are able to retain focus by understanding as their betting options are pre-determined as is the bet amount should they hit a winning or losing streak.
whittaker betting strategy disadvantages

Disadvantages of the Whittaker Betting Strategy

There are quite a few big disadvantages associated with using the Whittaker betting system that players really need to consider before just blindly adopting this strategy. Some such disadvantages include the following:

  • Players need to have a large, if not infinite bankroll, to continue trying to follow the sequence during a severe losing streak. They are more likely to reach the end of their bankroll than recoup their losses with the system.
  • Sometimes casinos do not allow players to place high enough bets to follow the strategy religiously. The cap may prevent players from being able to recoup a significant amount of their bankroll before they have to start with the sequence over again.
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