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Cam Newton Comes Up Short in Carolina Panthers/Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thursday Match-Up

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had to deal with a load of tough questions following his team’s poor start to the NFL season. Thursday saw the team go for 0-2, as the Panthers succumbed to a 20-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were pretty much able to shut down most of Newton’s attempted plays. By the end of the game, the NFL’s 2015 MVP had completed 25 passes in 51 for 333 yards, but had registered no touchdowns.

Expert sports bettors and NFL pundits have found this all very surprising given the news that had been coming out of the Panthers’ preseason camp, where fans were assured that Newton would be a force to be reckoned with this year despite coming back from a few injuries. The Buccaneers, however, have seemed to have proven that all you need to do is pressure him with blitzes of all variations to get him to cave under pressure.

The strategy also resulted in three sacks and an offensive spell that saw Newton go 0 for 10. At their worst, the Panthers made a total of 30 yards over 19 plays during a time where they really needed to make it count. Suffice to say; things are not looking good for the Panthers at the moment.

Cam Newton: “I’ve Got to Be Better”

The Carolina Panthers are undoubtedly disappointed in their start to the season, but none more so than Cam Newton himself. Commenting on Thursday’s loss Newton stated that one of the most “frustrating” things about the team’s two loses was that the talent that was going to waste. He further stated that the issues started with him, and that he needs to be the “better man”.

Fans and bettors who have placed future wagers on the Panthers are hoping that the team’s bad start is perhaps simply a repeat of the team’s 2013 performance, which saw the them go 0-2 in their first two games, but end the season with a record of 12-4. Only time will tell though, but at the moment, we’d stay away from betting on the Panthers too often.

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