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Can a Gambler Just Stop?

Online Casino Gambling AddictionEvery player hopes they will be able to stop gambling when they start showing signs of a problem. But, in reality, it is easier said than done. Most people go through stages of addiction, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

For example, it is much easier for a problem gambler to get help than a compulsive gambler comparatively. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, continue reading to find out whether a gambler can change their gambling patterns without seeking help from a professional.

How to Stop Gambling So Much

One of the most common myths about gambling is that it is harmful. In truth, gambling can be an innocuous form of entertainment that can make you a happier person. After all, most people experience a dopamine release when they play casino games. So, if done in moderation, gambling can be a fun pastime.

However, if you can’t control your impulses, you will find it difficult to stop if you start showing signs of gambling addiction. Some of the indirect side effects of gambling addiction include alcoholism, drug addiction, and relationship problems.

Can a Gambler Just Stop

How to Stop Gambling Addiction

You’ve probably heard many gambling addiction stories and how they end. The takeaway from these stories should be determining if you have a problem and what type of problem it is.

  • Problem gamblers have gambling habits that are not so bad but tend to lie about their whereabouts. It is characteristic of problem gamblers to miss work to continue a gambling session.
  • Binge gamblers are cyclical players who do not gamble every day. Sometimes, they are unable to stop gambling once they start.
  • Compulsive gamblers have the worst gambling addiction symptoms because they cannot stop themselves. These are the players that sleep on the casino floor, trying to recoup losses or win large jackpots.

After knowing what type of problem you have, you can proceed to get gambling addiction help from professionals. There are different types of gambling addiction treatment that you can take, such as therapy and medication. Other alternatives include:

  • Self-exclusion – this involves banning yourself temporarily from gaining access to a gambling platform or casino floor. You can reinstate your membership or ability to play casino games after your gambling problem has been dealt with.
  • 3rd-Party Exclusion – close friends and family can request that a casino to deny you access to the casino. The casino will proceed to bar you from entry, and you won’t play your favorite games.
  • Gambling Addiction Therapy – there are counselors and medication that has helped players break the cycle of gambling addiction. Taking the professional help route is recommended for players that cannot help themselves at all.

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