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Can You Make Money Gambling Online?

As far as careers go, living your life as a professional gambler seems like winning the lottery in itself. You get to play exciting casino games that play on the brain’s internal rewards system, which means you’re being constantly winning money even if you are losing. And, then, there’s the money – after all, seemingly there is no easier way to make money. With more than $41.4 billion being spent at online gambling sites each year, many gamblers have considered the question “can you make money gambling online?”

The simple and obvious answer is: yes, you can make money gambling online. But that’s probably not the question you’re asking. After all, any player can play a game and randomly walk out with a big win. (Luck has got to favor you some time, amirite?) No; most gamblers who ponder on this question wonder more about whether it is possible to make a living gambling online as opposed to just winning. Well, the good news is that it is possible; the bad news is that it is very hard to do so. Below we have a look at three areas you need to consider before you try to become a professional gambler.

can you make money gambling online

1.      Pick Your Poison Wisely

So, it’s not just any gambling activity that lends itself to being a constant moneymaker. If you’re thinking of becoming a professional slots player, we suggest that you seriously reconsider. While we aren’t saying it is possible to become one, we’re just saying that it’s a hard position to maintain due to all the variables involved.

Instead, we recommend that players look at more manageable games like blackjack and poker or sports betting when looking to make money gambling online. Poker and blackjack are two table games in which it is possible to implement game-changing strategies on the regular.

Sport betting can be more predictable than casino gambling at times (it is estimated that favorites win a third of every possible wager) due to all the extra information available to you to make your decision. (It has been suggested that sports bettors make more on average than casino players.)

You can pick any gambling activity you like; we just suggest going for something more manageable and something that you are going to enjoy investing a lot of time in.

2.      Starting Capital is Important

Unfortunately, the professional gambler career path is not available to everybody due to the financial constraints involved with it. This is generally due to two reasons:

  1. Players need to craft a strategy that is works. In order for you to craft this strategy, you are going to need to start playing casino games or placing sports bets, which can be costly. Sure, you can start off by playing free games or just jotting down your sports betting selections on a piece of paper. But you are always going to begin playing for real money at some point in time and sometimes it’s before you’ve fully developed your strategy.
  2. You need to financially stable enough to lose. Everybody loses at some point; you can’t become a professional gambler if a loss is going to lead to you losing your home or car, etc.

3.      Perseverance – Can I Make Money Gambling Online?

A big part of gambling is losing. If casinos and sportsbooks were handing out free money, they wouldn’t exist in the first place. If you are going to become a professional gambler, you need to make sure that you are able to roll with the punches and accept losing streaks that may last several weeks or months.

Many novice online gamblers think that sites may be rigged not to let them win simply because they fail to accept the fact that you can’t win every single time. It works the same way in brick-and-mortar casinos.

If you are unable to accept that losing is a part of gambling, then you are not fit for the life of a professional gambler.

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