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Can Roulette Dealers Control the Ball?

The simple answer to whether roulette dealers can control the ball is no. Casinos that are licensed and regulated won’t take the risk of controlling the ball. However, that does not mean that it is impossible for roulette dealers to control the ball.

Roulette sites are not susceptible to dealers controlling the ball because technically there are not dealers just automated systems. Read further to know more about the roulette wheel and ball.

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Roulette Dealer’s Signature

While roulette dealers may not be able to control the ball, however, there are other cheating methods that involve dealers. One of these methods is called the roulette dealer’s signature. This method claims that you can predict where the ball will land by studying the dealer’s style.

In most cases, dealers normally develop a natural style when they have been dealing for some time. For example, they may tend to pick up the ball and spin it the same way every time. So, the ball will tend to spin the same number of times that it did in previous rounds.

With the dealer’s style or signature in mind, you should be able to predict which pocket the ball will land in with some accuracy. However, some experts don’t believe that this is possible. In fact, dealers don’t agree that there is a signature that they have when spinning the roulette wheel.


It may be true that dealers fall into a natural rhythm, however, that does not mean that their behavior will affect the ball. Plus, there are a lot of other variables that are involved with the spinning of the wheel.

Another thing we need to consider is the fact that a dealer’s natural way of spinning the roulette wheel may not appear as often as some players would like. Plus, as a player, you need to think about the amount of time and energy you would have to invest to study the dealer’s style of spinning the wheel. It would take thousands of spins for you to somewhat get an idea of the dealer’s mannerisms.

So, if you are thinking of using this method to gain an edge over the casino, just prepare yourself to play a lot of roulette with the same dealer.

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