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Best Exclusive Bonus Casinos

best exclusive bonus casinos usaExclusive bonus offers really tend to excite US players. The whole idea of being selected for an exclusive bonus can sometimes be a reward on its own (who doesn’t feel special when they get any sort of bonus or discount code from any kind of company?). Aside from getting to feel as if the casino really loves you, these bonuses provide players with extra opportunities to play their favorite casino games, which translates to more chances to win big too!

If you would like to find out more about exclusive bonus offers at US online gambling sites, make sure to keep reading. In our ultimate guide to exclusive bonuses, we attempt to answer all the questions American players may ever have about these online casino bonuses. This includes defining an exclusive bonus, listing the types available, and exploring the benefits and drawbacks associated with both. We also list the casinos with the best bonuses in the United States for any player who may be interested. So, what are you waiting for?

Top Casinos with Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus Guide Contents:

What is an Exclusive Bonus?top exclusive bonus casinos usa

An exclusive bonus is a promotional offer made to individual players for fulling requirements specified on a criterion created by a particular casino. For example, players who make a certain number of deposits above a specific monetary value may qualify for exclusive casino bonuses.

This may seem very similar to the concept of VIP or high roller bonuses, and that is because it is. The aim of these deals is to reward players for their dedication to the casino with extra cash/free spins to play their favorite games.

Types of Exclusive Bonusesexclusive bonus casino types

One of the many amazing aspects of exclusive US online casino bonuses is that they tend to be tailor-made for a player. This means that exclusive bonuses can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. We have listed some possible variations of exclusive bonuses below:

  • Deposit Match Bonuses – these are bonuses that see a player’s deposit matched by a certain percentage.
  • No Deposit Bonus – these are free money bonuses provided to players simply for having joined the casino and deciding to play there frequently. No deposit is required for the bonus to be gifted to a player.
  • High Roller Bonus – these are bonuses gifted exclusively to players who make big deposits and wagers at casino tables.
  • Free Spins – sometimes players are gifted free spins to play their favorite slot games by casinos.
  • Special Bonus – this is usually an event-styled bonus. So, for example, getting a bonus for your birthday or Christmas or any similar event.
  • Extra Loyalty Points – if a casino runs a loyalty program, an exclusive bonus may offer players the opportunity to double their contribution to their program with an individual bonus offer.

Benefits of Exclusive Bonusesexclusive bonuses for us players

There are a couple of reasons to have a look at accepting exclusive bonuses if you are lucky enough to have a casino offer such a deal to you. These include the following:

  • Tailor-Made Bonuses – often exclusive bonuses are drafted by taking a player’s playing habits into account. So, if you only ever play slots. Perhaps you will get some free spins. Or, if you enjoy table games, the bonus may allow players to wager on these games.
  • More Opportunities to Win – the bigger your bankroll is, the higher your chances of winning big prizes only due to the fact that you have more opportunities to bet. Bonuses increase your bankroll, meaning that you may now have longer gameplay sessions and more.
  • Bigger Bonuses – frequently, exclusive bonus offers match player deposits by higher percentages than regular bonuses. Quite simply, this means more money to play with.
  • You Feel Special – as mentioned above, when players qualify for an exclusive bonus, they are made to feel special. It seems as if the casino really does care about them as a customer.

Drawbacks of Exclusive Bonus Offersexclusive bonus casinos us

Unfortunately, as with everything that’s great in life, there are some drawbacks too. So, before accepting any exclusive bonus offer, make sure to have a look at the following disadvantages associated with them:

  • Wagering Requirements – all bonuses have wagering requirements attached. Even if wagering requirements for exclusive bonuses have been altered to offer a better deal, players should always keep in mind the fact that they will have to playthrough the cash many times before they can make a withdrawal.
  • Terms and Conditions – sometimes, these bonus offers will have specific requirements attached to them that see players limited to playing certain games which they may not like.

Exclusive Bonus FAQsexclusive bonus online usa

What is the difference between a normal bonus and an exclusive bonus?

Regular bonuses are available to all players. For example, every player is entitled to a welcome bonus when they sign up. However, bonus exclusive offers are only available to a select number of players who are graded to be worthy based on several factors.

How do I get exclusive bonus codes?

The procedure varies from casino to casino, but generally, players are expected to show some loyalty to the site and spend a significant amount of time playing at the casino site in question. Players will also need to meet a monetary requirement with regards to deposits made.

Are there wagering requirements attached to exclusive bonuses?

Every type of bonus is subject to wagering requirements, including exclusive bonuses. Sometimes, a casino may have different wagering requirements for exclusive, loyalty, or high-roller bonuses to make them seem more alluring. Always make sure that you have a look at the terms and conditions governing a bonus before accepting it.

Which casino offers the best exclusive bonuses?

Well, since this answer to this question is continuously changing, we recommend that players have a look at the casinos recommended above. We constantly update that list to reflect the best casinos at the moment in any given category.

Do I need a bonus code to claim an exclusive bonus?

Some casinos may require US players to use a bonus code when activating a new bonus, whereas others may simply automatically attach it to your deposit unless you select an option to opt-out. It all really depends on the casino in question.

Are there any additional benefits attached to exclusive bonuses?

Generally, exclusive bonuses just offer players a bankroll boost. However, some casinos may go a little further and attach other prizes to their exclusive bonus. For example, some may include extra entries into a competition being run by the casino in question.

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