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Best Casino Loyalty Programs

best casino loyalty program usaCasino loyalty programs are rewards structures that see US players earn some sort of rewards simply for playing their favorite casino games at a casino site. Almost every single casino site has some sort of casino loyalty program in place to act as an incentive for players to sign up for their services. At worst, with loyalty programs, players stand a chance to earn meaningless points that they will never use. At best, players have the opportunity to add so much more to their gaming experience; including extra opportunities to win with bonus cash, in addition to some great perks, such as faster payout speeds should your level be high enough.

If you would like to learn more about casino loyalty programs at casinos in the United States, make sure to stick around. Below we get into all you need to know about online casino loyalty programs, including what a loyalty program is, how they work, the different types available and so much more. So, read on and find out all you need to know about casino loyalty programs at top sites in the USA.

Casinos with Great Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Program Guide Contents:

What is an Online Casino Loyalty Program?online casino loyalty program usa

A casino bonus loyalty program works pretty much in the same way as loyalty programs offered at other major corporations. Players are rewarded on a systematic basis for spending money at the casino. The players who spend more money on a regular basis are given better rewards. Entry-level rewards are usually just bonus cash and free spins, whereas high-level rewards can at times be extraordinarily interesting.

Essentially, the purpose of a casino loyalty program is to differentiate one online casino from another. With the internet gambling scene being as competitive as it is, casinos try to offer more incentives to players to join their site. Speaking frankly, most loyalty programs seem to follow the same structure. Often, the only difference is the rate at which a player earns points and thus rewards.

How do Casino Rewards Loyalty Programs Work?casino rewards program usa

While all casinos have unique loyalty programs, each seems to follow a similar structure that very often involves several tiers that players advance to based on their spending. What generally tends to happen is that when gamblers make deposits and play games, their spending is tracked and converted into points.

How exactly spending is converted into points is dependent on the casino in question. Some casinos may have different rules attached to how to earn points. Some may have rules that allow players to earn more points while playing games like slots or keno than when playing table games.

The number of points a player accumulates over a certain amount of time determines their tier status. For instance, a casino may suggest that players with who accumulate 100 points over a 30-day period are Bronze level players, those with 200 points Silver level players, and those with 500 points Gold level players.

Your tier status determines what sort of rewards you are entitled to. For example, a Bronze level player may have lower matching bonus percentages than a Gold level player. Gold level players may also get extra perks like a personal account manager and faster payouts.

Types of Casino Loyalty Programsus casino loyalty programs

There are three types of casino loyalty programs that seem to dominate the US casino site scene. We have listed them below to give players an opportunity to understand which best suits their needs:

  • Tier-Based Programs – these are the most popular types of and also often the best online casino loyalty programs. Essentially, all of your spending is converted into points. The number of points you accumulate over a certain period then determines your tier-level and the rewards you have access to. It is very important to have a look at the rate at which a loyalty program converts your cash to points. Some casinos are stingier with points than others.
  • Currencies – similar to many systems implemented in modern video games nowadays, players earn a casino specific virtual currency for playing games and wagering their bankroll. Once they have earned a significant amount of this currency, they can convert it to bonus cash to extend their gameplay sessions.
  • Track Systems – these are different reward systems tailored to how a specific player prefers to gamble. Players choose a track to join and then earn points and rewards most beneficial to their gaming habits. For example, if a player loves playing slots, they may choose to join a track that rewards players with mostly free spins and access to new games early.

Why Join Casino Loyalty Programs?top casino loyalty programs

There are so many reasons to join a loyalty program. The benefits could really see you adding so much to your gameplay. If this simple truth isn’t enough for you, here are a few more reasons to sign up to a loyalty program:

  • Most programs work in such a way that you earn points while you play. If you were already going to be playing casino games online, you may as well sign up and get rewarded for it.
  • Very often, loyalty programs allow players to earn a load of worthwhile rewards. The lowest tiers of the program may see players earn some bonus cash and free spins on particular games to extend their gameplay sessions. However, higher tiers of more sophisticated programs may see players get access to some pretty insane prizes like sports cars and overseas vacations in exotic destinations.
  • Outside of rewards, there are some other perks that tend to relate to your tier level, including better payout speeds, a personal account manager and so much more when reaching VIP status on a reward program.

That all said, we cannot rightly provide you the reasons to join a loyalty program without providing some of the drawbacks. Here are some of negative aspects to keep in mind about these programs before signing up:

  • The status of high roller can be very difficult to achieve. Sometimes, it may not even be worth spending the money to get to that level of a loyalty program.
  • Sometimes, the bonus cash earned with loyalty programs has a much stricter set of playthrough requirements attached to it.

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