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best vip bonus casinos usaVIP bonus offers are those that are made to players who a casino deems to be loyal big spenders. In order to keep these players as their patrons, they offer them wonderful, exclusive rewards which sees their gaming experience raised higher than that of a normal player. Very few players are ever lucky enough to ascend to the level of a VIP and thus, VIP bonuses and programs are very often shrouded in some mystery. Luckily, our experts have got all you need to know about VIP casino bonuses here in our dedicated guide.

Below we get into all you need to know about VIP bonus offers, including what they are, how they work, and the features of said bonuses, among many other things. We also list the online gambling sites with the best VIP bonuses for US players, making your hunt for deals so much easier. So, read on and begin making the most out of your game sessions now!

Top VIP Bonus Casinos

VIP Bonus Guide Contents

What are VIP Bonus Rewards?top vip casino bonuses usa

A VIP bonus is a promotional offer provided to players deemed to be very important or “high rollers” by the US online casino in question. Essentially, it is a promotional offer that is not available toall casino members. The casino makes the basis of the VIP program, which is just another casino loyalty program but one that is only available to high rollers.

Although we get into how players can qualify for VIP bonuses and programs below, it is believed that in order for a gambler to be considered a high roller, they need to be making massive deposits (perhaps, US$10000 or more at times). So, we wouldn’t say that this is a bonus that all players should be gunning for.

How VIP Bonuses Workbest vip bonuses online usa

Well, in order to qualify for VIP casino bonuses, you need to get the casino to add you to their VIP Program. Usually, there is a set criterion that players are graded against when being considered. Programs differ from casino to casino, and the terms and conditions governing each isn’t always so clear.

Some will explicitly state how many points players will need to earn in order to make it all the way to the VIP tier, whereas others will mention that they have a program but not tell players how they can qualify for it.

In general, it has got to do with how much money you spend at the casino and how many hours you spend playing casino games over a certain period. Some even include your win/loss ratio as a metric, along with frequency of high deposits and high wagers. It goes without saying that these programs are limited to high rollers.

Benefits of VIP Casino Bonuses and Programstop vip bonuses for us players

Once a casino considers you a VIP player, you have got a load of new perks to look forward to. Some of the most popular at US casinos include the following:

  • Tailor-Made Bonuses – some casinos will offer VIP personalized bonus offers. So, while general bonuses are made to meet the needs of the general public as a whole, VIP bonuses are created after having analyzed a player’s gaming habits. So, for example, if you love slots, you may get more free spins bonus offers than cash offers.
  • Access to VIP Games – many casinos have a set of games that only VIP players can access. Once you join the VIP program, you get access to all of these games and offers.
  • Weekly Bonuses – VIP players are offered bonuses on a more frequent basis than regular players. They also tend to feature higher potential gains than those provided to average players. So, for example, let’s say regular players are being a reload bonus of 25%, the bonus being targeted at VIP players could be as high as 40%.
  • Loyalty Bonuses – US gamblers get rewarded for playing games at the casino on a regular basis. This often equates to more bonuses but loyalty rewards could come in all shapes and sizes and could see players earn themselves prizes that they could have only dreamed of.
  • Faster Payouts – probably, the best thing about being considered a VIP is that you get paid out much faster than an average player. If the regular payout specifications see players paid out in five days, VIP players may get paid out in two.

VIP Bonus Casino FAQstop casinos for vip bonuses

What is a VIP player?

As the name suggests, a VIP player is one that the casino has deemed important due to their spending and deposit habits. They are often added to a casino’s VIP program where they have the potential of getting access to VIP bonuses.

Which casino has the best VIP bonuses?

As the answer to this question changes on a regular basis, we recommend that US players have a look at our above-listed casinos. We can assure you that they have some of the best bonuses available in the United States.

How do I qualify for VIP bonuses?

In order to get VIP bonuses, you need to be considered a VIP player. In order for a casino to add you to their VIP list, you need to spend a lot of money at the casino and playing games. This means making deposits that could be as high as US$10000 on the regular.

Is there a minimum spend requirement to be considered?

With regards to joining a casino and their regular loyalty program, no there is not. However, if you are going to be considered a VIP, you really need to step up your spending game. This means spending thousands of dollars on a regular basis at the site.

What are the benefits of VIP bonuses and programs?

There are many great advantages that come with being considered a VIP player. These gamblers usually get access to exclusive casino games, faster payouts, and a personal account manager, in addition to their bonuses being personalized and worth more.

Are VIP bonuses worth it?

While some aspects of a VIP program are really great (like faster payouts for instance), others (like bonuses) are as enticing. Having extra cash to play is great and everything but if you weren’t accepting bonuses before, you are going to find no allure in getting bonus deals on a more regular basis and at higher percentages.

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