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Can Roulette Dealers Control the Ball?

Top Roulette Dealers

The simple answer to whether roulette dealers can control the ball is no. Casinos that are licensed and regulated won’t take the risk of controlling the ball. However, that does not mean that it is impossible for roulette dealers to control the ball. Roulette sites are not susceptible to dealers controlling the ball because technically […]

Do Roulette Tables Have Magnets?

Do Roulette Tables Have Magnets?

Whether you enjoy playing at land-based roulette tables or live online casinos, you’ve probably wondered if they’re rigged. We’re often asked: “do roulette tables have magnets?” and the short answer is no. Any casino with a valid gambling license will never try to influence a game because getting caught costs a lot of money. Starting […]

Are There Any Professional Roulette Players?

Professional Roulette Players

Yes. There are professional Roulette players. Some have been able to garner some global fame for themselves. So, if you are considering the professional roulette route, you should be prepared for certain things. Many people say that roulette offers players the greatest chance of winning. After all, you only have to choose whether the ball […]

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