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Which Casino Games Did xQc Play?

xqc gambling games

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has come under fire after hosting a sponsored gambling stream on his channel. Lengyel, who is popular for his video game content, garnered some criticism from the Twitch community after hosting a near-10-hour stream that featured him losing nearly CA$80,000 at Stake Casino. Regardless of whether it was a […]

Exterminator slot review


Get rid of the pesky vermin in The Exterminator, a chemical-filled 3D video slot game from the Betsoft platform. Help this portly critter-killer get rid of the conniving raccoon for once and for all, and enjoy the chance of winning huge with numerous bonus features and game elements. Play the Exterminator video slot for free […]

Is There a Way to Tell If a Slot Machine is Going to Hit?

How to Spot Loose Slots: Common Myths

No, there’s no way to spot when a slot machine will hit, no matter how hard you try. Essentially, it’s because the game is completely automated, and the system doesn’t generate a win in one go. All slot machines create outcomes individually with random number generators, which create a winning combination in seconds. However, no […]

What Makes The Most Money In A Casino?

What Makes The Most Money In A Casino?

Slot machines typically make the most money at online and land-based casinos globally, though the revenue is difficult to estimate. These games are advantageous to the casino because they’re easy-to-play and your chances of winning more money are lower. In the United States, slots earn roughly $6 billion a year, with $3.2 billion earned from […]

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