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Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Preview and Predictions

The Cincinnati Bengals will play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh on Monday. Both teams come into the game with a record of 0-3 thus far this season, and plagued by injuries. The Bengals have suffered this season since the departure of both their long-time coach Marvin Lewis and many key players.

The Steelers also saw their fair share of departures, with Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown both being traded. Star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger also suffered a season-ending injury early on this year, meaning that the team really is playing with a talent pool that is somewhat more limited than last year’s squad.

Overall, we wouldn’t bet on either of the two teams to take the AFC North this year, which is somewhat out of the ordinary given the trend in recent years.

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Prediction

cincinnati bengals at pittsburgh steelers prediction

It’s all well and good to say that the two teams aren’t playing well, but that doesn’t really say which team is edged to win in this match up. Thus, here are some stats about both teams that bettors may find a bit interesting:

  • Both teams are 0-1 at homes and 0-2 away, and are coming off narrow defeats. The Steelers lost 24-20 to the 49ers, and the Bengals lost 21-17 to the Bills.
  • The Steelers have won their last eight matchups against the Bengals.
  • Both teams have been exceptionally week in regards to rushing yards average per game and points allowed per game. The Steelers rank 29th and 28th in the two metrics, whereas the Bengals rank 32nd and 27th.
  • Thus far this season, the Bengals have beat the spread twice, and the Steelers twice.
  • Ben Roethlisberger was injured in Week 2, and since then Mason Rudolph has stepped up to the plate. Thus, far he ranks 27th in passing standings with a 56.5% passing percentage, and 86.0 rating. He has scored four touchdowns and recorded two interceptions. On the other side, Andy Dalton isn’t doing all that much better, scoring five touchdowns and three interceptions.

With all this in mind, we’d like to make the following predictions for the Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers matchup:

  • Moneyline – we’re putting the Steelers above the Bengals in this matchup. Although the Steelers have lost Roethlisberger and Rudolph isn’t quite the best replacement, we think the home ground advantage and record between the two teams speaks for itself. The team were also narrowly defeated by the 49ers last week.
  • Spread – as both teams have had some trouble scoring, we’d peg the match to be a relatively close one. We’d go on a line for the Bengals to keep it within 2.5 or less.

Kim’s NFL Record so far: 9-7 (Parlays: 0-2)

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