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Before we dispense our contact details, there are a few things that all relevant parties need to note before typing that message. Although we do try to answer every query, failure to follow these guidelines could mean that your message is simply ignored (and nobody wants that).

Contact Us Form Guidelines

We really only want US gamblers who would like to learn more about online casino gaming or online sports betting to try reach us through our contact us form. Questions could include things such as whether it is possible to play a particular casino game online or bet on a specific sporting event in the United States.

If you fall under one of the categories below, please note the information that pertains to you:

  • Affiliate Managers – we don’t pay attention to any offers that are made through the contact us section, or social media for that matter. If you should send any offers or attempted bribes through any of these channels, please note that they will be explicitly ignored. If you would like to contact us, please do so through our email address ([email protected]), and make sure that you contain your company’s registered name, license number and all the details pertaining to the inquiry.
  • Webmasters – please do not try to buy and sell links to us for exposure. All such requests will be explicitly ignored. If you would like to enquire about something else, please make sure to follow the same recommendation listed under the “affiliate managers” section.

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