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Ewallet Deposits for Sports betting

An ewallet is an electronic online platform where people can store financial resources, such as credit cards and bank account numbers in one secure place. This is the best option for gamblers who want to keep their personal financial information secure while having the convenience of having all their accounts in one accessible spot. Some sports betting sites do not have banking set ups that are compatible with ewallet systems. Therefore, we have a list of US gambling sites where US players can deposit bets on games via ewallets.

Bet with eWallet Deposits at these Sites

Top Sites In America

What You’ll Find In Our eWallet Guide

Using eWallets to Bet Online

Like we said before, ewallets are extremely convenient especially for live betting because you don’t have to look for your card information all over again and re-fill your details. Due to the fact that ewallets are a third-party application, transactions are encrypted from and to the sports betting site. This means your information is secure against hacking.

Ewallets allow players to be completely anonymous. The ewallet service underwrites each transaction. This measure safeguards US online bettors from losing out when they don’t receive what they paid for. The ewallet service fee is usually quite low in comparison to what you get out.

Types of eWallet Deposit Options

There are a variety of ewallets bettors can use to keep funds safe and make transactions. There are traditional ewallets, cryptocurrency ewallets, device specific ewallets, and bank card wallet apps. However, not all these ewallets are compatible for betting deposits. We will list those available for online gambling deposits.

eWallet Platforms in America

Device Specific ewallets

  • Android Pay is for android devices and user manage their money wherever they have their smartphone. Unfortunately, Android Pay does not accept Amex.
  • Apple Pay connects to a credit or debit for effortless smartphone online shopping experience and Apple Pay accepts Amex cards.
  • Samsung Pay is specifically for Samsung phones (surprise!) like the Galaxy S6, Note5, or more recent devices. Samsung Pay works as credit card would without the contact risk of a normal card swipe. The app uses near-field communication (NFC) technology which copies the magnetic action of a card swipe. Therefore, you can use it anywhere you can use a credit card.
  • Microsoft Wallet for Windows phones users they can simply link it their Microsoft account and credit or debit card and use the wallet.

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Bitcoin eWallets

  • Coinomi supports 60 cryptocurrencies not just bitcoin.
  • Coinapult allows user to send and receive funds via text and email free of charge.
  • Coinbase allows users to convert their normal currency to bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency


Skrill does no charge fees for its services. Additionally, there’s no fee for receiving money through Skrill, or for funding your account balance through credit cards and bank transfers. Ironically, to transfer within the Skrill network from one Skrill Wallet to the other incurs an almost 2% fee. This ewallet lets users withdraw from different countries in Europe.

While Skrill has always been a favourite of many gamblers in America, it’s unfortunately no longer available to American players. This was since its banning through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which was passed in 2006.


Neteller is a unique ewallet in that it allows bitcoin deposits at a small 1% fee. While transferring funds from your Visa card to the ewallet carries up to nearly 5% charges.  Neteller also allows large maximum deposits where it’s permitted for use in gambling.

Similar to Skrill, this method is no longer available to American players since its banning through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.


PayPal allows users to send, receive, and keep funds in 25 different currencies. This makes it a great service for professional gamblers who often travel to different countries for tournaments. Unlike other ewallets, you can make purchases, or pay directly from whichever accounts you have linked to it with no need to add to your deposit into your Paypal. Although it has great convenience for users, its maximum bet is very small. The max has been known to average $50.

As with two previously discussed ewallets, Paypal isn’t available for American bettors because of how the Internet Gambling Act is set up.

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