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Western Union Gambling Sites

western union gambling sitesWhen one thinks of popular money transfer methods, it is difficult not to think of Western Union. With over two centuries in the business, the company has grown to become one of the most widely accepted money transfer options in the world. Nowadays, even several online gambling sites accept Western Union. It is one of the preferred options of banking with gamblers who do not like the idea of sharing their personal financial details with an online casino or sportsbook.

If you would like to find out more about using Western Union at online sportsbooks and casinos, keep it on this page. We have created a dedicated guide, in which we have a look at the following:

  • How to make a deposit and withdrawal at Western Union gambling sites
  • The pros and cons of using this banking method
  • The casinos and sports betting sites that accept Western Union

So, read on and begin using Western Union to find your gambling account today!

Online Casinos That Accept Western Union

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What is Western Union?

Western Union is one of the oldest money transfer service providers in the world. It was formed in 1851 in the United States and offered people an opportunity to move money between states when traveling and making payments wasn’t all that easy.

While Western Union isn’t as valuable and widely used as it once was due to all of the advances in the financial industry, it is still accepted at many vendors. Instead of sticking to the money telegrams that made them famous, the company has kept up with the times. Western Union now offers people several ways in which to transfer money to more than half a billion companies across 200 countries around the world.

Some of these vendors include sports betting and casinos sites. So, it is a viable deposit or withdrawal option when gambling online.
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How to Deposit at Western Union Betting Sites

While the process features multiple stages and can take a bit of time, you can rest assured that your money will be transferred safely when using Western Union.

  1. Sign up or log in to your casino or sportsbook account.
  2. Get in touch with the support and customer service team of the betting site. Ask them to help you arrange a Western Union deposit.
  3. The consultant will then give you the name and location of the person receiving your transfer. Usually, gambling sites using this service assign a person to receive your transfer.
  4. You’ll receive a tracking number which you send along with your wire transfer.
  5. Find the closest Western Union office to you. The cashier will wire the money to the individual. Note, Western Union will charge a fee for this. Some gambling sites refund these fees if the deposit is over a certain amount.
  6. The cashier will give you a ten-digit number. Email this transaction number to your site’s support consultant to finalize the transaction.
  7. You’ll receive confirmation from the betting site that they’ve received your deposit.
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How to Cashout at Casino Western Union

So, the process for Western Union cashouts works in exactly the same way as making a deposit, except the casino is now in charge. If you choose to use this method, you will need to contact the site’s customer service team and they will arrange the withdrawal. They will provide you with an MTCN code so that you are able to withdraw funds from a Western Union branch of your choice.
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Western Union Casino: Tips for Making Transfers

There are a couple of things to note about Western Union transfers, including:

  • Try and do your transfer during working hours and working days. This means you will have the money in your account in a couple of hours.
  • With some sportsbooks and casino sites, it can take as long as three days to arrange a Western Union withdrawal. To receive your cash, simply go to your nearest Western Union office with the tracking and transaction number and withdraw it.
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Advantages of Using Western Union Gambling Sites

As with all banking methods available at gambling sites, there are some big pros that come with using Western Union to fund your gambling account. Some include:

  • It is a safe money transfer to use. You aren’t providing the gambling site with any of your personal banking details. They don’t know your bank account number or your credit card details, so you are less likely to get scammed.
  • Some sites offer exclusive bonuses to people who use Western Union. So, you can add more bang to your bankroll just by using this deposit method.
  • You aren’t limited in the ways you can send money with Western Union. While the online option has proven to be popular in recent years, you can also make transfers via telephone and person-to-person if you choose to do so.
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Disadvantages of WU Transactions

Unfortunately, there are some cons that come with making Western Union transfers. Here are some of the biggest:

  • It isn’t as convenient as one may think. Contrast the deposit process outlined above to what you experience when making a credit card deposit. While it isn’t difficult to make a Western Union transfer, this certainly isn’t the easiest way to make a deposit at a casino.
  • Your funds don’t reflect immediately. If you make a Bitcoin, credit card or e-wallet deposit, you are going to see the funds in your account within a couple of seconds. If you make a Western Union deposit, you’ll see it in a couple of hours if you made the transfer at the right time of day.
  • It is not as widely accepted as other banking methods. Cryptocurrencies, credit cards and e-wallets, such as Neteller, are accepted at pretty much any gambling site. However, not all sites accept money orders, so there’s that.
  • Western Union charges a fee for money transfers, which can be higher than what you would pay to make the deposit with your credit card.

Sports Betting Sites That Accept Western Union

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Western Union Casinos – FAQs

How does Western Union work?

When making a Western Union transfer, you need to get in contact with the person you would like to make the transfer to so you can get their name and location. You then start the Western Union process and make the transfer at the Western Union office. The process will see your money deposited in the correct account in a couple of hours.

Which casinos accept Western Union?

From our list of provided options above, the following sites accept Western Union:

  • BetOnline
  • SportsBetting
  • Sports and Casino
  • XBet
  • Sportbet
  • MyBookie
  • YouWager

Is Western Union safe to use?

Yes, Western Union is safe to use. You do not have to share any banking details with the gambling site, which is why some players prefer to make use of this deposit and withdrawal method.

Can I withdraw using Western Union?

Yes, you can. You will need to contact the casino or sportsbook’s customer service team in order to do so though. They will need to get the process started for you to get your money.

Are there any fees with Western Union?

Unfortunately, there are. Western Union charges a fee of about 15% of your total transfer. Now, contrast this with your average credit card deposit and you’ll see the issue here.

Is Western Union a recommended banking option?

Yes and no. If you are stickler for safety and live in an area that doesn’t allow e-wallets to make gambling transfers, we say use Western Union. However, if you don’t really mind making a credit card payment or using Bitcoin, we really say go for that instead. It is cheaper and the money reflects instantly.

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