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Digital Payment Systems Introduced by AGA

The American Gaming Authority (AGA) plans to create a new digital payment system that will make dollar bill payments a thing of the past at casinos in the USA. In a report published earlier this week, the AGA makes 7 detailed recommendations on ways to replace the handling of cash on casino floors across the country. The report suggests a digital payment method as an alternative.

Why Use Digital Payment Systems?

The move to introduce digital payments methods at casinos was sparked by the start and rapid spread of Coronavirus across the country especially in casinos where human contact is high. But, AGA CEO, Bill Miller noted that moving to the digital space has been a priority for him since he started at the company. The Coronavirus simply reiterated the importance of creating an advanced payment method and made the process of doing so advance even quicker.

It’s worth noting that some casinos have already used digital payments methods even before COVID-19. But the use of notes was still the chosen payment method for many. Some casinos went as far as rejecting credit card payments which made cash payments even more popular. Fortunately, this is slowly beginning to change with information released that suggests the virus lingers on the surface of cash notes. Digital payments would then prevent transmissions through money handling in casinos.

Digital payment systems

Implementation Process

The report by the AGA further outlines how it plans to implement this change. It suggests digital payments like Apple Pay and Google, debit and credit cards. Other suggestions include mobile payment apps, digital wallets and player rewards cards. The AGA believes that digital payments will be beneficial to players in more ways than one. Not only will players have peace of mind, but there will now be better integration between payment methods at casinos. Players will also be able to track their spending. Many banks send notifications to your mobile device once money has left your account. But, if not used responsibly, digital payments can be detrimental to problem gamblers especially.

Rollout Timeframe

No exact date has been given for when all casinos need to have implemented this new payment method. It’s also unclear which methods will be used. But, 600+ casinos have already reopened across the country. Given this number, implementing safer payment methods may become more of an urgent matter than not.

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