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Do Online Casinos Cheat?

If you have never wondered whether or not online casinos cheat, you have never played online. Everybody wonders whether casino sites are fair and safe places to play.

After all, who really is checking if online games are rigged? Casinos could be manipulating software to ensure that the result of a bet always goes against a player’s selection. After a few losses, it really does seem like a casino is just set up to make you lose. Every. Single. Time.

However, before you go down on a conspiracy tangent that sees you denounce ever playing online again, we are here to ease your fears. Yes, some online gambling sites cheat. It would be a lie to say that all of the casino sites are safe to play at.

But this is not the norm, which is why you should always make sure that you are playing at a reliable site that is licensed and regulated by industry governing bodies. Below we look at how casino sites cheat and how you can ensure that you are playing at a safe casino site.

do casinos cheat

How Do Casino Sites Cheat?

Before we explain how casino sites may cheat players, we need to clarify how legitimate casinos work. Casinos make use of a random number generator to generate results for games. Players take it at face value that this algorithm actually works how casinos say it does.

The fact that online games rely on RNG algorithms allows casino operators to cheat players without knowing it. Operators can manipulate the algorithm to ensure that players lose every bet. They could be less conspicuous and set to ensure that a player loses a bet that reaches a particular value. The whole aim is to ensure that the casino always profits from a player no matter what.

A few casinos rig their games to ensure players never win, but that doesn’t mean that you have to play at them. There are ways to ensure that you do not play at rogue casinos that cheat their players, which we go through in the next section.

How to Pick a Safe Casino Site

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So, there are few ways to ensure that you only play at fair casinos. Here are some areas you need to research about a casino before signing up and making that first deposit:

  • Ensure the casino you want to sign up at is audited by either respectable third parties or government agencies. These agencies ensure that casinos use random number generators for game results. If a casino is not compliant with these rules, it is blacklisted.
  • Try to find out whether the casino you want to sign up at has a good reputation. You can find this out by reading reviews, asking on forums, and talking to other casino games fans you know in real life.
  • When you are researching a casino, you need to focus on finding out whether it has produced big winners. If you cannot find out whether a casino has had any past big winners, you may want to reconsider playing at it.
  • It is not enough for casinos to have a seal of approval from government or independent agencies. They need to have their games tested regularly to ensure that they remain fair. These results should also be available to players on request.
  • Finally, check that the casino uses encryption to safeguard the details you share with them when performing transactions. You don’t want to be in a situation where your financial data is stolen due to a security breach. It is as good as playing rigged games.

If you really want to save yourself the hassle and avoid playing rigged games, sign up at one of our recommended casinos. We have already gone through the trouble of ensuring that they are safe, so you don’t have to!

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