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Do Casinos Really Beat You Up?

If you have ever wondered whether casinos beat you up for cheating or (like some people believe) winning too much, then you have come to the right place. We’ll be straight to the point and say that the casinos that we recommend do not beat up their customers. But there are many rogue casinos out there that claim to be legitimate but aren’t. We cannot speak for those casinos and how they treat their clientele.

Do Casinos Really Beat You Up

Surveillance at a Casino

We should add that using violence to discipline players is against the law. So, even if you did steal large sums of money from the casino, or cheated on a casino game, that still does not give the casino the right to harm you physically by beating you up. The belief that casinos beat you up is far-fetched. Casinos usually have a surveillance room where staff members monitor what’s happening on the ground with the help of CCTV footage. These staff members are rarely ever armed and have no intention to get physical with anyone.

Punishable Offenses at a Casino

Now, our casinos may not beat you up, but there are some punishable offenses at a casino. And you do not want to cross the line because the consequences for such can be harsh too.

Cheating during a casino game is an obvious offense. The cheating method you chose will depend on the game you are playing. But we strongly advise you to not cheat because you could get banned from the casino for good.

Employees at a casino can also get punished for stealing from the casino or partnering with a player to have him win a game unfairly. Both these offenses can be dealt with by giving the violators jail time or heavy fines.

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