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best download casinosOnline casino downloads aren’t as popular as they once were with all the advances made in on the instant play front. However, many players still consider it the best way to play casino games as you get access to all available games. You are also far less likely to run into any performance issues. Casinos also tend to offer exclusive bonuses to players using their client to access their services, which means more bang for your buck.

If you would like to find out more about downloadable casinos, keep it locked here. Below we have a look at all you need to know about these types of casinos, including what they are, the advantages and disadvantages associated with them, and how to download software. We also list the gambling sites with the best download clients so you can get started without any issues. So, what are you waiting for?

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What is a Download Casino?

A downloadable casino is exactly what the name suggests – a casino that can be downloaded on to your computer. To download the casino software, all you need to do is visit a casino site and select the download option.

After the download has been completed, you will be free to install it on your personal computer. Once you have finished installing the software, you will be free to login to the casino and play games for real money. It really is as simple as that.

The alternative to a download casino is an instant-play site, which lets gamblers play games on their web browser. Nowadays, instant play casinos are more popular, but there are fair number of advantages and disadvantages associated with both options, which we get into below.
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Advantages of Casino Download

Here are some of the big advantages associated with downloading casino software:

  • The software package gives you access to everything you need at the casino. This includes all the games and 24-hour support.
  • Software is available in several different languages, meaning that you are not limited to using English if it is not your preferred language.
  • More games are available at download casinos. A lot of older games aren’t available on instant play websites.
  • The casino client usually offers players more in the line of promotions and tournaments. Usually, if you want to take part in online slots, blackjack, or poker tournaments, you will need to download casino software.
  • The casino loads games faster, and performance is usually better. You will also notice that visuals tend to pop a bit more in the download client compared to your browser.
download casino cons

Disadvantages of Casino Games Download

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages associated with download casinos. These include the following:

  • Download casino clients usually aren’t compatible with Mac.
  • If you choose to use the download client to play casino games, you will need to download the client on other computers before you are able to log in to your account. This is a big issue if you prefer instant access.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with downloading software off the internet. After all, there are tons of sites trying to supply users with malicious content. While the casinos we recommend are honest and don’t do this, we can’t say this is true of all casinos.
how to download casinos

How to Download Casino Software

It’s pretty easy to download casino software. If you work on a computer on a regular basis, you are probably familiar with how downloading something online works. If not, here is a quick step-by-step guide to get you going:

  1. Pick the casino you want to sign up at – find the casino you would like to sign up at. This can be a difficult task as you need to look at a whole load of factors. We recommend just picking one of the casinos we have listed above as they are safe to use.
  2. Find the download prompt – look for the download option on a site. Most sites will include the option on their main nav to make it easier for players to locate. Click on the download button to begin the download.
  3. Install the software – once you have completed the download, install the software. Make sure to follow all the instructions that may come up during the installation process.
  4. Create an account – you will need to create an account at the casino if you are playing any games. This means filling in all the required details and more.
  5. Make a deposit – to play games for real money, you will need to make a deposit. Navigate to the casino’s banking option, and select the banking method you would like to use.
  6. Play – select a game and begin gambling!
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Download Casino Apps

Download casinos also include apps that can be installed on your mobile phone. Not all casinos offer apps, and not all stores on mobile operating systems allow you to download these apps. The Google Play Store is quite famous for not listing gambling apps. If you are unable to find an app for the casino you would like to play at, it is highly likely that the casino is accessible through your mobile web browser.
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Downloadable Casino – FAQs

Which are better: download casinos or instant play casinos?

The answer to this question is based on personal preference. However, a lot of players think download casinos are better because they feature a larger game selection, and you can access them even when you haven’t got an internet connection.

What games are available at download casinos?

Pretty much all casino games. You can play games such as slots, table games, and casual gambling games. In addition, many sites also allow you to bet on sports.

Is casino software free to download?

If a casino asks you to pay to download their software, you should not create an account. There is a good chance that there may be no software at all, or the content they want to give you is malicious.

Are there any gambling apps for mobile?

Yes, there are gambling apps you can download on mobile. Often, if a casino offers a mobile app, it will be compatible with iOS and Android devices. Just don’t find these apps listed in the Google Play Store.

Can I play free casino games download?

Yes, you can play free casino games through the download client. Most casinos allow players to try games for free before they play for real money. You should take advantage of this opportunity to test games and see if you like them.

Which is the best download casino?

At the moment, Lucky Red Casino seems to offer players the most lucrative deal. Big bonuses and a ton of games to play is the norm at this casino. We recommend that you try it out for yourself.

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