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Call of Duty Betting Sites

call of duty betting sitesCall of Duty has been a huge name within the esports scene for some time now. Since launching the Call of Duty Championship in 2013, and then the World League in 2016, the esports fandom surrounding the game has grown to immeasurable heights. And with prize pools that exceed $2 million being staked at these tournaments, it is easy to see why. You, too,can start making money off of this very popular game through esports betting at online gambling sites.

If you would like to find out more about betting on Call of Duty matches, make sure to stick around. Below we have a look at how to bet on tournaments surrounding the video game as well as some top betting tips you should keep in mind while doing so. We also list the best sports betting sites for esports lines. So, what are you waiting for? Start wagering today!

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what is call of duty

What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter series published by Activision. Since the first game was published in 2003, the series has grown to become one of the most profitable entertainment products of all time, with estimates total gross sales at around $20 billion, aided mainly by the game’s yearly release cycle.

The series has been able to remain popular due to the introduction of some unique gameplay mechanics throughout its existence. Particularly important was the introduction of the “killstreaks” mechanic in Call of Duty Modern Warfare in 2007, which has remained a quintessential part of the gaming experience ever since.

Killstreaks, along with other gameplay mechanics have made the series’ multiplayer mode very competitive, providing with an adrenaline-pumping experience on occasion. Activision saw an opportunity to launch esports tournaments for the game due to the nature of the gameplay and its popularity. Call of Duty League (formerly known as the World League) and the Call of Duty Championship are the most popular.

As with many other notable esports leagues, it is possible to wager on matches at top esports betting sites.
call of duty betting lines

Call of Duty Online Betting: Lines Explained

There are a couple of very popular bets that you can make on Call of Duty games. These include the following:

  • Moneylines – these are bets made on the winner of a single match or series.
  • Futures – similar to moneylines but with one slight difference; gamblers bet on the winner of the tournament. This bet needs to be made sometime before the final of the tournament is actually played.
  • Props – rather than betting on the outcome of a match, gamblers bet on events. Prop bets include placing wagers on which team will get first kill or the number of kills a certain player will get, etc.
  • Live Bets – these are wagers placed on live and in-play games. Gamblers will notice that odds shift dramatically as the game continues, and the story becomes clear. Often, there is a lot of money to be made on these bets.
call of duty betting tips

Call of Duty Bet: Tips

Are you new to betting on Call of Duty? Well, you may want to have a look at these betting tips before placing your first wager. They may save you from making a bad bet!

  • Learn the Game – unlike titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends, Call of Duty is a straightforward game to understand. Thus, it is very easy to identify players who are exceptional as well as teams. They may not be able to compete at higher levels. So, do yourself a favor and learn how the game works.
  • Watch Games – to remain knowledgeable about the bets, you need to make sure that you are watching games. This way, you get to identify players who are doing well and those who may have seen a dip in form.
  • Understand the Different Game Modes – you need to understand the different game modes available in the title and how they work. This will help you in making better bets as some teams are better at specific game modes than others. It is generally thought that European teams do better at modes like Search and Destroy, whereas American teams do better in modes like domination.
  • Shop for Odds – to make sure that you are making the most money possible on a bet, you need to shop around for odds. This means checking a number of sportsbooks to see their odds on a particular line and betting at the site with the best price.

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Esports Betting Call of Duty – FAQs

Can you bet on Call of Duty?

Yes, you can bet on Call of Duty. If a sportsbook allows gamblers to bet on esports, without a doubt, the book has got a few lines on professional Call of Duty games. If you are struggling to find a sportsbook with esports betting, we recommend scrolling up.

What are the best Call of Duty betting sites?

If you are looking to bet on Call of Duty matches, we suggest that you get started at one of the sites listed below:

  1. Bovada
  2. GT Bets
  3. SportsBetting
  4. Bet Online
  5. WagerWeb

What bets can I place on Call of Duty?

You can place all of the bets you can on regular sports, albeit with a twist. You can bet on the match or tournament winner, spreads, and props. Bear in mind that props will be game-specific. For example, betting on which player will get the most kills in a game.

How do you qualify for the Call of Duty League?

In order to qualify for the League, players need to compete in monthly online ladders, tournaments, and competitions. This may seem like a lot of work, but it could be worth it seeing that there is a $1 million prize up for grabs.

What are wagers in CoD?

A wager match in Call of Duty sees players stake their CoD points (in-game currency that must be bought with real money) before the beginning a standard six-aside match. The players who win the match also win the wager, and the other players staked CoD points.

Who is making the next Call of Duty?

If Activision continues to use a yearly release cycle, the next Call of Duty game will be released in 2020. It has been stated that Treyarch will be working on the game along with Sledgehammer Games assisting.

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