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Best FIFA Betting Sites

best fifa betting sitesThe FIFA video game series has allowed every soccer fan to live their dream of becoming an icon. With the game acting as a near-accurate simulation of the world’s biggest soccer leagues, the opportunities seem endless. The series’ skill-based nature has also given rise to a huge e-sports scene with loads of professional matches played on a regular basis. In turn, this has given rise to FIFA betting options at sportsbooks around the globe.

Looking to find out more about betting on FIFA games? Well, make sure that you stick around. On this page, we have created the ultimate FIFA betting guide. Some of the areas we cover include how to bet on games and betting tips. We also provide a list of online gambling sites with the bets esports betting lines. So, read on and start betting today!

Top-Rated FIFA Gambling Sites

FIFA Betting Links

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What is FIFA?

FIFA (not to be confused with soccer’s governing body) is a sports-simulation video game series published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game aims to emulate professional soccer leagues around the world, including the English Premier League, La Liga and Major League Soccer, among many others. The series was first launched in 1993 and has remained exceedingly popular around the world ever since.

With the game being a rather faithful emulation of professional soccer, it is understandable that it provides players with a skill-based gaming experience. This is the perfect breeding ground for competition, which EA and other esports organizations have capitalized on by launching several FIFA-based esports tournaments. Some of the most popular include FIFA eWorld Cup, e-League, and the FUT Champions Cup.

With a load of new competitions available, sportsbooks with esports betting options have stepped up to the plate by offering betting lines on all the most popular tournaments. You can now make watching FIFA games that more exciting!
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How to Bet on FIFA Games

Here are the types of bets you can make on professional FIFA esports games:

  • Moneylines – these are bets placed on the outcome of the match. You are predicting who will win the match.
  • Spreads – with these wagers, the sportsbook sets a favorite and an underdog. In order to even odds, the favorite is given a line they must overcome, whereas underdogs are given a line they can lose by. You bet on whether or not the favorite will be able to overcome the predicted scoreline.
  • Futures – gamblers predict the winner of a tournament long before the event takes place.
  • Props – bets on events taking place in games rather than outcomes. Gamblers can bet on one player scoring five goals in the match, etc.
  • Parlays – this is a string of bets linked together on one bet slip. To win the payout, you need to get all of your predictions correct.
  • Live Bets – these are bets made on matches that are in-play. They sometimes give you opportunities to capitalize on unique situations.
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FIFA Online Betting: Tips

Here is some quick and easy FIFA betting advice for the gamblers who are new to this opportunity:

  • Select an area to focus on – as soccer is an incredibly popular sport, it makes sense that there are hundreds of FIFA esports leagues around the world. To make your life easier, we suggest picking a few to bet on.
  • Research tournaments and players – one of the main reasons we suggest you narrow your focus is that it makes it easier to research tournaments and players. Understanding tournaments and knowing players helps you make better bets.
  • Leave your biases at the door – regardless of which sport you are betting on; you need to remain impartial. Some teams (despite your love for them) are worse than others, and you need to admit this to yourself even when it hurts.
  • Keep track of player form – you need to have a look at how players are performing. Not all players can keep playing at the highest level for long periods of time. Also, make sure to watch out for newcomers who may be better than current pros.

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FIFA Betting – FAQs

Can you bet on FIFA?

Yes, you can bet on FIFA. The video game series is very popular, and many esports leagues are built around it. Sportsbooks capitalize on this by providing avid fans and bettors with the chance to bet on games.

What are the best FIFA gambling sites?

Here is a list of the top five FIFA betting sites:

  1. BetOnline
  2. SportsBetting
  3. Bovada
  4. GT Bets
  5. WagerWeb

How can I bet on FIFA games?

Well, betting on FIFA games is pretty straight-forward. If you already know how to bet on regular sports, all the same betting lines carry over albeit with different names. If you have never bet on sports before, you can bet on who will win the game, events taking place in the game, and spreads.

Is betting on FIFA games legal?

Yes and no. This is all dependent on the state in which you live. If you live in a state that allows sports betting, then yes. However, if you do not, then it probably isn’t.

Are FIFA packs gambling?

Yes and no. FIFA packs use the same principles as slot machines, but there is division over whether this really constitutes as gambling. There is no chance of winning real money with FUT packs which has made it hard for governments to categorize. EA is supposed to reveal the odds of players receiving the best prizes though.

How can I make money playing FIFA?

You can make money playing FIFA in a number of ways. This includes the following:

  1. Streaming
  2. Professional tournaments
  3. Trade in-game currency (although we don’t recommend that you do this.)
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