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League of Legends Betting Sites

league of legends betting sitesWhen it comes to esports betting, League of Legends is without a doubt the most popular game to bet on. With the League of Legends World Championship drawing in more than 100 million viewers each year, it is a prime space to make some good money. In addition, there are loads of esports leagues focused on the game across the world, which can be followed on free streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch. So, many fans see the opportunity of making some money off one of their favorite hobbies.

If you want to find out more about League of Legends betting, keep it here. Below we go through all the ins and outs of betting on this famous MOBA game. This includes how League of Legends works, the betting lines available and some tips to keep in mind. We also list the best online gambling sites for esports lines. So, what are you waiting for?

Where to Bet on League of Legends

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league of legends how it works

How League of Legends Works

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) free-to-play game developed by Riot Games. It was originally released in 2009 and has since grown to become one of the most played video games, drawing more than 100 million players per month.

The game features four maps but only three are regularly used in professional League of Legends. These are Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss. Two teams contest the map to try and destroy the other’s Nexus.

Each team is made up of five players who take on one of the following six roles:

  1. Assassin – assassins move quickly have strong attack abilities but feature low health and slow attack rates. Characters in this class include Zed, Kassadin, Master Yi, and Shaco.
  2. Mage – these characters use magical abilities to aid the team through an attack or support role. Mages can deal high damage or buff their teammates. Examples of such characters include Viktor, Ahri, Elise, and Syndra.
  3. Fighter – fighters have an equal spread between health and damage output. Fighter characters include Warwick, Trundle, Voilbear, and Garen.
  4. Marksmen – these characters focus on dealing high damage from a distance. In order to ensure that their abilities remain balanced, these characters have a low number of hit points. Marksmen characters include Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, and Kai’Sa.
  5. Tank – tanks focus on crowd control. These characters are able to endure a great amount of damage but don’t deal great damage. Examples of such characters include Amumu, Malphite, Nunu, Sion, and Rammus.
  6. Support – these characters aide team members with abilities that either give them strength or, in some way, debilitates the opposition. Great support characters include Karma, Zac, and Sona.
best league of legends betting lines

League of Legends Betting Lines – Explained

Gamblers will find that the sports betting lines available on professional League of Legends matches are mostly not all that different to lines available on more traditional sports. The most popular lines include the following:

  • Match Winner – this bet is similar to a regular moneyline. All you are doing is picking the team you think will win a match.
  • Maps Handicap – also known as the spread or line betting. Sportsbooks select a favorite and an underdog and then state a scoreline by which the favorite will win by. Gamblers then bet on whether the favorite will be able to reach that score or the underdog will cover.
  • Total – this is a bet made on how many maps (or games) will be played. League of Legends matches are usually played in series of three or five. This is like placing a totals (or over/under) bet on the score on a regular sport.
  • Correct Score – as the name suggests, this is a bet placed on the final score of the series.
league of legends betting tips

Top League of Legends Betting Tips

Looking for some League of Legends betting advice? Well, keep the following tips in mind the next time you place a bet on a match:

  • Understand the Game – most people don’t understand how important it is to know how the game works before betting on it. Just as with any sport; ignorance leads to bad bets. You need to know which champions are better than others. You also need to know which teams prefer to use which champions. Understanding why the crowd goes wild when Faker chooses Orianna is very helpful in making better bets.
  • Study Patch Notes – Riot Games continually releases new updates for League of Legends which may affect balancing. Generally, this leads to teams needing to adjust their strategies to accommodate the new changes. New challengers for Worlds may appear out of nowhere, so keep this in mind.
  • Study Teams – some teams are much better than others, and the only way you’ll know this is if you study their players and matches. You need to know how they work and their strengths and weaknesses when you make bets. If you had been studying the game, it shouldn’t have been surprising that Invictus Gaming won the 2018 edition of the tournament.
  • Don’t Bet on Best-of-One Matches – don’t bet on single games. These are usually unpredictable bets that could really go either way and lead to a lot of lost money quickly. Rathe stick to betting on the best-of-five and best-of-seven games.

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Online LoL Betting FAQs

Can you bet on League of Legends?

Yes, it is possible to bet on League of Legends. Any sportsbook that offers esports betting is sure to have lines on LoL.

What is the best League of Legends betting site?

Here are the top five League of Legends betting sites:

  1. BetNow
  2. Bovada
  3. MyBookie
  4. XBet
  5. Sportbet

Can I bet on League of Legends Worlds?

Yes, it is possible to bet on the League of Legends World Championship. In fact, it is the most bet on esports event.

What is the most popular betting line on LoL games?

A lot of bettors like placing bets on series winners. It is easier to predict the outcome of a series as opposed to a single game.

How many people watched the League of Legends World Championship last year?

Last year, more than 100 million viewers watched the League of Legends World Championship. The final was viewed by more than 44 million concurrent viewers. To put this in perspective, the finals got more viewers than the NBA Finals (20.5 million) and the Stanley Cup finals (6.5 million).

Why is League of Legends so popular?

Well, the game is popular due to a variety of reasons, but the following is probably most important

  1. It is free.
  2. It is competitive.
  3. It is to learn how to play.
  4. There is a strong online community.
  5. Games are short.
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