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Best NBA2K Betting Sites

nba2k betting sitesSince launching in 2017, the NBA2K League has grown to become a fully-fledged sporting league in its own right, despite being based on another sporting league. Esports teams draft skillful players who then compete in a three-month long regular season before going on to postseason to determine the season champion. Like the NBA, the NBA2K league is extremely competitive, which has only improved its viewership. And, kicked off an interest in NBA2K betting.

If you would like to find out more about NBA2K betting, we have created the ultimate guide down below. We have a look at what NBA2K is, how the league works, how you can place bets on games and some betting tips to keep in mind when you choose to do so. We also list all of the top online gambling sites with esports betting odds to get you started with your first bets.

Bet on NBA 2K League

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what is nba2k

What is NBA2K?

NBA2K is a famous basketball emulation video game series based on the NBA that first launched in 1999.  The game is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It makes use of an annual release schedule and each new entry is numbered after the year of the coming season.

As with many video games based on sports, NBA2K aims to be a truthful simulation of the league on which it is based. This means that teams and players are given ratings according to their real-life performances. Understandably, a game based on a sports league is very competitive as players use their skills to get the edge over their opponent.

The competition and skill involved in playing NBA2K titles and the strong community built around the series over the last two decades pushed 2K Sports to create the NBA2K League in 2017.

The NBA2K League is a professional esports league which sees teams of five unique players play 17 regular season games. Teams are created with players participating in qualifiers and then being drafted.

The teams who perform well during the regular season then play several post-season matches to determine the victor of the season. Sounds exciting? Well, you can make it even more so with the chance to bet on every single game at the top sports betting sites.

Here is a list of all the teams in the NBA2K League:

  • Blazers Gaming
  • 76ers GC
  • Bucks Gaming
  • Celtics Crossover Gaming
  • Cavs Legion GC
  • Grizz Gaming
  • Hawks Talon GC
  • G
  • Heat Check Gaming
  • Jazz Gaming
  • Hornets Venom GT
  • Kings Guard Gaming
  • Lakers Gaming
  • Knicks Gaming
  • Mavs Gaming
  • Magic Gaming
  • Nets GC
  • Pistons GT
  • Pacers Gaming
  • T-Wolves Gaming
  • Raptors Uprising GC
  • Wizards District Gaming
  • Warriors Gaming
best nba2k betting lines

NBA2K Betting Lines – How to Wager

Looking to bet on the NBA2K League but aren’t sure of what types of bets you can make? Well, we have listed some of the most popular esports betting options down below:

  • Match Winner – pretty much a moneyline bet in regular sports. You attempt to predict who is going to win a match.
  • Futures – these bets see gamblers predict which team will win a tournament, or in this case, the NBA2K League.
  • Spreads – the sportsbook sets a favorite and then sets a scoreline they project the team to win by. They are then required to beat the opposing team by a certain number of points if bets on them are to be successful.
  • Props – a prop bet focuses on an event taking place in the match rather than the outcome of it. Props include a wide range of bets, including how many points a player will score in a game or how many assists they will rack up.
  • Quarter/Halftime Bets – these are the above-mentioned bets but for the period of a quarter. So, for example, you can bet on which player will score the most points in a specific quarter.
nba2k betting tips

Top NBA2K Betting Tips

If you are looking into betting on the NBA2K League, make sure to keep the following advice in mind before placing your first wager:

  • Understand Basketball – just as you need to understand how basketball works to make effective NBA bets, you need to understand how basketball works to make successful NBA2K bets. Understanding how the game works makes it easier to identify key players and why one team may have the edge over another.
  • Research Teams – the only way you are going to know if a team has got the edge is if you research it. Make sure that you keep your eye on the teams in the league and any movements within them.
  • Watch Games – the only way to know that a team is good is to see them in action. Watch NBA2K games involving the teams you would like to bet on to get better insight in whether it really is a good idea to do so.

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NBA2K Betting – FAQs

Can I bet on the NBA2K League?

Yes, you can bet on the NBA2K League. Many of the greatest online sportsbooks provide gamblers with a chance to place wagers on league games.

What are the best NBA2K betting sites?

The best NBA2K betting sites are:

  1. BetOnline
  2. SportsBetting
  3. MyBookie
  4. Intertops
  5. WagerWeb

Is it legal to bet on the NBA2K league?

Yes and no. This is dependent on the laws regarding sports betting in your state. In some states, it is legal to bet on sporting events, whereas in others it is not.

How does NBA2K League work?

The NBA2K League attempts to simulate the entire NBA experience. Players first play qualifiers. Then, they have the opportunity to be drafted by one of the 17 teams in the league. When the league begins, they compete in a three-month long regular season. The best teams then go forth to the playoffs to determine the season champion.

Who owns NBA2K?

The NBA2K series is owned by 2K Sports, which turn falls under the Take-Two Interactive umbrella. The franchise was previously owned by Sega Sports between 1999 and 2004.

How much do NBA2K League players make?

It is stated that players sign a six-month contract where the first-draft pick earns a base salary of $35000 and all other players earn a salary of $32000. This excludes all revenues that players may gain from endorsements.

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