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Bet on RBC Canadian Open Golf 2020

The RBC Open is a golf tournament that was established in 1904. It has been held annually ever since, except during the world wars. It’s one of the three oldest running golf tournaments along with The Open Championship and the US Open. Though it is an event established in Canada, the RBC Open is big with golf bettors. Many sportsbooks have it as part of their catalogue. We have compiled a simple RBC Open golf betting guide with odds and tips amongst other things. Meanwhile here’s a list of top online gambling sites gamblers can wager at.

RBC Open Golf Betting Sites

Top Sites In America

What You’ll Find In Our RBC Canadian Betting Guide

Betting on the RBC Open

As with any other kind of sports betting, there are always variables to consider in placing a bet on a sport. With the RBC Open there are two main variables to consider- the course and the size or type of tournament.

The Course- where the RBC Open is played at influences how the golfers may perform. By extension this affects how you bet. For example, Glen Abbey Golf Course has unique features that separate it from other courses. There are five holes that have to be teed upwards from a cliff. That factor obviously makes playing a bit more complicated. Your chosen golfer has to meet certain skill level for your bets to be profitable.

The type of Tournament- The RBC Open has been referred to as the fifth open because there are many more international players that participate as opposed to the US Open. The RBC Open is naturally more unpredictable than the US Open because there more possible winners than in the US Open.

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RBC Open Golf Betting Odds

Golf betting sites release the odds of each player. Now because the RBC hosts hundreds of players per tournament how can bettors make use of those odds to make informed bets?  There is a simple formula that can help you see what the statistical chances of a certain player winning are. Suppose a player odd are set at 24.0. what is that player’s chances of winning?

Step 1: divide the set odds by one –

1/24 = 0.041667

Step 2: multiply the answer you get by 100

0.041667 x 100 = 4.1667

The result you get is the percentage chance statistically that the player has of winning the RBC Open; in this example our player would have a 4.1667% chance of winning the RBC Open.

Betting Tips

US gamblers looking to make a success of their golf bets need to understand the different bets and how they work. They also need to know how to convert implied probability into odds and odds into chances of winning. Gamblers must also be able to determine when to place a particular bet. Learning how the different bets work– Win, Versus the Field Bets, Head to head match bets, props futures and Live in play bets. Not all bets are profitable, for instance a value bet in a 50/50 odds situation where you compare the value of wagering for or against is a wise move. However, such a move can only be made if one understands how the bets work.

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