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US Masters Golf Betting Sites

top-us-masters-betting-oddsUS Masters betting is a rather popular option with United States gamblers who enjoy watching a good game of golf. As the only major with a permanent venue, it’s also easy to watch live. Every year, golfers from across the world gather in Augusta, Georgia to discover who is the best of them all. During the first full week of April, all eyes are on the first possible winner of the season.

While we may not win the US Masters, it’s easy to win bets on the tournament with our recommended online gambling sites. However, we advise caution when betting, because there are no guaranteed winners in golf. Even Tiger Woods has never managed to win more than two years in a row. So, keep updated on the handicaps and gameplay during the tournament. After all, an educated gambler has a better chance of winning some cash when golf betting.

Below we have a look at all bettors need to know to get started on wagering on the US Masters. This includes an explanation of available lines and odds as well as some betting tips. So, read on and learn all you need to know about betting on the US Masters.

Bet on the US Masters Here in 2020

Looking for some of the top US Masters betting deals? Have a look at the sportsbooks listed below. They feature great lines and odds, and offer golf betting bonuses on all the biggest tournaments to make your gambling experience so much better.

US Masters Betting Links

US Masters Betting Lines Explained

Understanding US Masters betting markets is pretty easy. If you are already familiar with golf betting, you should be acquainted with all the bet types available to you during major tournaments at top US sports betting sites. However, if you are not, here’s a list of the most popular betting options:

  • Futures – these are probably the most popular bets made on the US Masters. All bettors do is select a winner for the whole tournament. It is a very hard bet to get correct, but the payout is good.
  • To Win – these are bets made on a specific golfer to win a specific day of a tournament. For example, gamblers can bet that Tiger Woods is going to win Day 1 of the tournament.
  • Head-to-Heads – these bets put two golfers against each other and bettors wager on which will perform better. This bet doesn’t look at what is happening at the tournament as whole. The two golfers involved in the head-to-head could be the last two positions on the leaderboard. The only thing that needs to happen for you to win is the player you bet on needs to beat their opponent.
  • Props – also known as propositional bets, these wagers see gamblers bet on something taking place during the tournament. For example, players could bet that Jordan Spieth will score three birdies.

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Top US Masters Betting Tips

Every sports betting fan is on the lookout for golf betting tips for the Masters golf. However, the problem with betting on golf is that there are no guarantees. No matter how well a player is doing, there’s always a chance of a loss. But, there are a few tips you could keep in mind to lessen your chances of that happening.

  • Pre-tournament favorites probably won’t win. Overall, if one is to look at all the winners of each of the majors each year, they’ll generally find four different winners. Yes, sometimes, players are able to win more than one major in a year. However, it really isn’t a common occurrence.
  • Pre-tournament form could be misleading. Remember that no US Masters golf betting tips guide really suggested that Tiger Woods was going to win the 2019 instalment of the tournament. The reason being he wasn’t playing all that well in the lead-up to the event. The lesson is here that players can surprise you.
  • Compare the odds for previous tournaments and the player’s overall statistics. Specifically, the World Golf Championships in March are a great precursor for overall play. Statistically, players who do well in the WGC usually do the same in the US Masters.
  • Avoid focusing too much on US Masters outright betting. Betting outright on a winner for any tournament is risky, but guesses and gambles go hand in hand. Although these bets offer big payouts, we recommend that bettors place very few futures bets if any at all.

In an addition to all this, make sure to have a look at our US Masters betting preview before placing your wager. Not only do we make sure to recommend the best US Masters betting offers, but we also provide some good picks and predictions from time to time.

US Masters Golf Betting & Odds

How to Read US Masters Betting Odds

We have often found that one of the biggest barriers to entering the sports betting world is the inability to read odds. Many avid golf fans would like to place a wager on a tournament but then, for example, have difficulty reading betting odds to win Masters, and then decide against the whole idea.

But, reading current Masters betting odds is not rocket science; anyone can do it. Basically, there are three different formats used to display odds: American, fractional and decimal. We are going to focus on explaining American here, but if you would like to learn about the other two head over to our odds page.

So, when you visit a sportsbook, you will see odds represented in the following manner:

Brooks Koepka-800
Dustin Johnson+900
Rory Mcilroy+900
Tiger Woods+1400
Patrick Cantlay+2000

Now, the one thing you have to do when you see the number located next to the player is look at the symbol next to it. You will be made to use a specific formula to work out your potential winnings depending on whether it is positive or negative figure. The formulas are as follows:

  • Positive – Odds x (Stake/100)
  • Negative – (100/Odds) x Stake

All you have to do is enter the required amounts in the areas specified in the above formulas to workout how much you could win on your potential wager. The one thing to keep in mind with the Master betting lines you’ll see at sportsbooks is that the minus represents the favorite and the plus represents an underdog.

US Masters Winners List

Although we have cautioned that US Masters golf betting odds can be somewhat unpredictable and that wagering on previous winners and favorites isn’t always a safe strategy, sometimes it isn’t a bad idea to have a look at the list of past winners. So, here’s a list of the last 20 winners:

2019Tiger Woods United States
2018Patrick Reed United States
2017Sergio García Spain
2016Danny Willett England
2015Jordan Spieth United States
2014Bubba Watson United States
2013Adam Scott Australia
2012Bubba Watson United States
2011Charl Schwartzel South Africa
2010Phil Mickelson United States
2009Ángel Cabrera Argentina
2008Trevor Immelman South Africa
2007Zach Johnson United States
2006Phil Mickelson United States
2005Tiger Woods United States
2004Phil Mickelson United States
2003Mike Weir Canada
2002Tiger Woods United States
2001Tiger Woods United States
2000Vijay Singh Fiji
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