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Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl offers USA gamblers a variety of odds on various events. They are one of the more unique betting types in the NFL. More so, the wager is not decided by the final score. Players essentially gamble on a proposition. The most common wagers are individual player bets as the NFL has plenty of different categories and positions offering American players and bettors alike plenty of betting opportunities. For example: “how many touchdowns will Brady score: under 2.5 or over 2.5?” is a prop bet because it does not have any effect on the final score of the match. Punters can also bet on player performances in that similar over and under format. Read more of our guide to find out more about making these bets at online gambling sites.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets Sites

What You’ll Find In Our Big Game Prop Bets Guide

How to Make a Prop Bet & Tips for Prop Betting

Making a prop bet is as easy as ABC, but bettors need to be strategic on how they do it. For starters, players need to plan a clear proposition path by deciding on their prop-betting budget. This will ensure that you do not overspend on wagers. Your second step would be to concentrate more on wagers that can be researched than exotics. Thereafter you can start placing your bets. But, only do this at safe, reliable sportsbooks. The best sports betting sites to place prop bets would be one that has a long track record and respected reputations in the industry.

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Popular Super Bowl Prop Bets

In the next part of our sports betting guide, we will take a look at some of the most controversial bets in Super Bowl history.

  • “Who Shot JR” –the first and one of the most controversial prop bets in prop bet history. It was initiated in 1980 by the late Sonny Reizner, dean of Las Vegas sports bookmakers and professional gambler. The prop bet was scrutinised and shot down by gaming regulators.
  • SBXX William “The Refrigerator” Perry TD Prop – another popular prop bet which took place in the 80s when 325-pound William Perry “the Fridge” was called into the field during New England’s Patriots in Super Bowl XX. The boost around the defensive lineman was a lot that Jimmy Vaccaro, a legendary bookmaker, posted a prop bet at 40-to-1 odds of whether Perry would score a touchdown on the game.

Overview: Super Bowl & Prop Bets

Today, Super Bowl remains one of the most NFL betting events drawing more than 120 million viewers in the USA alone. Prop bets on Super bowl are a great platform for potential bettors that aren’t familiar with American Football as a sport but would like to have a little bit fun during Super Bowl.

Remember to only wager on Super Bowl bets at the best USA sportsbook such as the ones recommended on our site!

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