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Money Line vs Point Spread Betting Lines

Money line vs point spread betting is one of the hardest things to do when you want to wager on your favourite sporting event. With money line betting, all a US bettor has to do is to select a player or team they want to win. In the event that they choose the winning team or player, the specific sports betting site will payout the amount due to the player. The underdog player or team on the money line betting is the one that is expected to lose.

moneyline vs point spread betting.

Point spread betting, on the other hand, is slightly different from money line betting. With point spread betting, the sports betting site will shift the point spread as a way of attracting more bets on the sides that US bettors aren’t wagering on. When punters bet on the spread of a game, they will see a number that is not part of the numbers representing that specific point spread. However, that number (for instance usd$120) tells the player how much they will need to bet for them to win at least US$100. In this case, the extra US$20 is the 20% paid to the sports betting website, commonly referred to as the vig. Read on in our guide and learn more about money line and point spread betting in America.

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Point Spread Betting Explained

We explained what point spread betting is earlier so now to give more clarity, with an example. If the Packers win a game by 6 points, its referred to as a push, meaning that the bettor won’t get their money back. Sometimes players may see a point spread whose number is more by half-point. Though there isn’t necessarily a thing called half-point in football, the question is why the  do we sometimes see points that have a ‘.5’ on the score? Well, most USA sports betting sites do this as a way of making sure that there won’t be a push to the score

Here’s another example:

  • Packers: -6.5
  • Seahawks: +6.5

In such a scenario, if you place your bet on the Packers to win, and they win the game by 7, it means that you also win. But, if they win by 6, you lose. The same applies to the wager placed on the underdog. In this case, if the Seahawks lose the game by 7 points, you will lose your bet but if they lose by 6 points, and then you’ll win. With point spread betting, the hopes of a tie or push have been completely eliminated.

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Money Line vs Point Spread Betting – Betting on Moneyline Games

The duration of the MLB regular season gives punters a lot of opportunities to place bets on the MLB games. In many cases, MLB betting comprises of three primary bettors explained below. These are listed according to their popularity.

Money line

Since Baseball has one of the longest seasons, misses, swings, has a lot of ups and downs but on any random day expect a team to win definitely.  With the best teams having an average of about 60% winning and the worst or ones at the bottom having about 40%, betting on which team will most likely win the game is the most popular betting option. Money line bets on favourite mostly range between -120 and -200.

Game Totals

Many of the game totals on MLB range between 8.0 and 9.0 and 7.0 to 11.0 stands to be cutoffs for many sports betting sites. When you are wagering on the game totals, always try to be the one starting the pitch, the ball mark, every team’s lineup and also the more. Everything plays a significant part when it comes to the number of runs that will be scored in a game.

More so, the time of the year is also important. At the beginning of the season and towards the end of the season, runs dip lower than the average. So, we advise US players to research and use as much information they get to help them pinpoint when a game is at its fill force compared to when it will be a pitcher’s dual.

Run Lines

A run line is a fixed point spread of 1.5 on MLB games. However, the betting odds on run lines are not always 50/50. In most cases, the best team that’s playing against the worst team in the league will still be considered as the favourite, even with a run line of 1.5. Run Line betting is mostly applied when the favourite is between -200 and -350 and the expectations are mainly for the favourite to win.

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