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Hockey World Cup Betting Lines

The World Cup of Hockey is a global ice hockey event organized by the National Hockey League (NHL). The tournament was founded in 1996 and unlike other worldwide tournaments, they adjust NHL rules. The tournament takes place amid September 17 and October 1 in Toronto, Canada between eight teams. The teams comprise mainly of NHL icons including America’s Patrick Kane and Canada’s Sidney Crosby. Read on to learn more about hockey betting at top online gambling sites.

Hockey World Cup Betting

Best Hockey World Cup Sportsbooks

What You’ll Find In Our Hockey World Cup Guide

Hockey World Cup Betting

Every four years, at the Hockey World Cup the world’s supreme teams play the hardest, skilful and enjoyable international hockey imaginable. Sports betting legends are made here. The world’s finest players battle to become the best. Since this year 2018, the event has been extended to 16 hockey teams. Fanatics can expect more games through the four group stages, the quarterfinals and arrangement match.

Odds on the Hockey World Cup Games

In world cup races, qualifying teams are nations and not an all-star style register is chosen by the coach and authorities. This feature makes the Hockey World Cup fascinating. The Cup has been contested twice – once in 1996 and in 2004. America won the first Cup, whereas Canada won eight years later. The four more hockey powerhouses of the world Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the Czech Republic round out the arena.

Hockey World Cup

As the tournament has only been held twice, there is a small point of comparing teams to this year’s team. In fact, the under-23 North American team players are between 6 and 11 in 2004. The two teams that have been replaced in the Cup – Slovakia, and Germany will provide their best players, along with European nations to come up with Team Europe.

Hockey World Cup Games – Bettors

Bettors should look to better understand every country’s team and know where their strength and weakness lie. The best to look into is the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships and Winter Olympics.  Every race differs somewhat from the other one. Canada which has won the last IIHF Championship in 2016 and Olympic Gold in 2014 is hardly the underdog in global hockey betting.

Hockey World Cup Betting Odds


The most widespread way to wager on your favorite hockey team is money line gambling and it substitutes a point spread due to the low scores. Your chosen team must win the game, not win by a number of goals.


Puckline is a mixture form of NHL betting that combines the moneyline and a point spread. Meaning a team must win by two or more goals in order to win the bet.

Total or Over/Under

Known as OVER/UNDER odds, it is a figure set by oddsmakers and bettors must choose if the total quantity of goals scored in the game by both playing teams combined will either be higher or lower.


Oddsmakers set and move lines throughout the season, reliant on the comparative strength of NHL teams. The top-rated team in the match can be +400 odds to win the Cup

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Hockey World Cup Betting Overview

It’s been a very long time; however, the Hockey World Cup is back and it is better than ever. Top partners are happy about it come back and have excessive offers for bettors to check out. Once you have checked the offers, get ready to place your bets.

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