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How Do You Predict Sic Bo?

Recently updated on January 8th, 2023

You won’t find a guaranteed way to predict sic bo. However, there are some tips that you can use to give yourself a better chance of winning. When you play sic bo, you have to rely on three dice that have six faces. And you have to guess which numbers will appear in all six faces.

Sic Bo is inherently a game of chance, which means the results are random. So, being able to predict what numbers are going to appear is a good skill to have. Read this guide to learn more about how to predict Sic Bo numbers.

Predicting Sic Bo Results

Top Tips on How to Predict Sic Bo

Interrupt your sic bo bets

The best way to predict what the next outcome of the dice will be is to interrupt the bets. So, that means you can place some bets and then stop. However, the stopping and starting of bets have to be sporadic. That will give you the best chance of predicting the next result.

Be Flexible with Your Sic Bo Strategy

When you have a sic bo betting strategy, don’t overdo the usage of that strategy. In most cases, this will lead you to lose some money. It’s important to have at least three betting strategies when playing Sic Bo. So, when facing a certain situation, you can decide on which strategy you need.  It’s important to be flexible with the strategies that you’re using.

Calculate the probability of Sic Bo

When you calculate the sic bo results, you have a better chance of winning than when you don’t. Professional players know how to predict the results of Sic Bo perfectly. That’s why they win more frequently than others. If you place a bet and it loses, leave that bet and place another one. If the second bet you’ve placed wins, continue placing that bet until it loses.

Most times, the winning bets are big, small, odd and even bets. If you’re not an inexperienced sic bo player, stay away from combination bets. Dice combination bets are risky but have a higher payout than all the other bets.

Final Word: Predict Sic Bo Numbers

While there may not be a guaranteed way of predicting a sic bo result, the tips above will help you. If you’re not a sic bo player, you can place small bets to guarantee you frequent wins, albeit small. Use any of our tips to help you predict sic bo and win. The best online gambling sites in the USA also have the best bonuses for you to claim.

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