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Is it Better to Stop A Slot Machine?

Many players believe that if you forcefully stop the reels on a slot machine, you change the outcome of the spin. We’ve all had those moments while playing a slot game. You know those times where a jackpot combination spins across the reels and you vigorously try to stop the reels on that combination. After all, most slot games nowadays, have an instant stop function which allows players to see the result of their spin immediately.

All of this has had us pondering on some questions: is it better to stop a slot machine? Does it really affect the outcome of a spin? Are games that allow you to have an effect on the outcome of a spin even slot games?

If you’re looking for some answers, we’ve got them for you here. Just make sure to keep on reading!

better to stop a slot machine

So, does stopping a slot machine affect the outcome of a spin?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding no. A player stopping the reels on a slot machine has no impact on the outcome of the spin. The outcome of a spin is determined pretty much right after you hit the “play” or “spin” button.

A random number generator determines the results of a spin, so the game isn’t rigged. The reels taking some time to spin and reveal the results is for theatrical effect and to add to the glamour of gambling. Understandably, if you play a game for longer than half an hour, some of these effects can become rather tiresome. So, casino game designers inserted a way to speed up the process by hitting that spin button again.

The only real way a player can impact results is through playing more paylines/bets per spin. By playing all the paylines on the game, you increase your odds of potentially hitting a winning combination as there are more ways in which symbols can be matched. Outside of this, it is really difficult to have any effect on the outcome of a slot game.

Games of Skill Allow You to Impact Results

Only games of skill allow you to impact results and we wouldn’t label a slot machine as a game of skill. Rather, slots are games of chance as the only strategies that players are capable of approaching them with are those that are directly related to gameplay. Examples of such tips and strategies include:

  • Don’t bet more than 10% of your bankroll on a spin
  • Choose games with higher RTP percentages
  • Make sure you understand how to play games

With slots, it is important to accept that you can’t really impact results. All you can do is hope that your lucky number comes up like with the lottery.

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