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Is Video Poker A Game of Skill?

When it comes to determining whether video poker is a game of skill, there are two answers. The first answer is: yes, video poker is game of skill. To make money playing video poker, you will need skill to win.

The second answer is: video poker is not a game of skill. The argument is based on video poker being strictly a game of chance similar to most other casino game. Ultimately, there are no guarantee you will win every video poker game you play.

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Why Do You Need Skill in Video Poker?

Firstly, video poker focuses mainly on how you play. There is no opponent that you have to outplay or hand reading. You will have play using an optimal strategy regardless of the video poker game that you are playing.

The skill involved here is understanding which video poker game you should be playing, what the rules for each game is and the game strategy. It also takes skill to know which games will cost you more money in the long run.

Remember that there are many video poker variations, including Aces and Eights, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better and much more. Knowing which variant has a good house edge or which game has a good payout percentage will work in you favor.

How Do You Play Video Poker?

To understand why you would need any kind of skill to play video poker, you have to know how to play the game. Video poker is based on five-card poker game and while the game is played in a machine it is almost like slots.

There are rules and strategies that you can use. Unlike regular poker, you don’t have to play against other players and there are no betting rounds. The betting in video poker takes place in entirety at the beginning of the game.

Other differences are that there is no bluffing and all your wagers are made against the house. An understanding of the rules may give you a better chance at winning. Unfortunately, you do not have any control over the outcome of the game.

See, video poker games use a random number generator. Thus, you have no control over the hands you receive. But with a good strategy, you could possibly win.


Play Video Poker Using Skill

Basically, a player that uses skill is more likely to make money by simply playing the right games. Unfortunately, this isn’t guaranteed because video poker is a gambling game.

So, before playing for real money, compare the  games’ payouts. Then, make sure that you play max coin and use the bonuses.

When you have read our video poker tips and tricks, make sure that you sign up to the best casino sites we recommend on this site.


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