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Best Joker Poker Guide USA

Joker Poker, also known as Joker’s Wild, is a video poker game in which the Joker acts as a wild card. As in other video poker casino games, the objective of the game is to obtain the best five-card hand possible. With the Joker acting as a wild card, casino players get more chances to get a winning poker hand.

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Joker Poker Rules

Joker Poker rules are similar to other video poker casino games. Once you have set your wager and picked the number of hands you would like to play at a time, you need to press the “Deal” button. You will then be dealt five cards. Players then edit their hands by choosing cards to replace. Once you decided which cards you are going to replace, you need to click on the “Draw” button to get your new cards. To get a much better understanding of how the Joker acts in Joker Poker, here is an example. Let’s say that you have a hand with two Kings, a 6, a 9 and a Joker. Your hand will improve from having a pair of Queens to having three Queens as the Joker will act like a Queen. Keep in mind, payouts for Joker Poker starts with a pair of Kings, though this can differ depending on the casino you chose.

Poker Hands Rankings

  • Pair of Jacks or Higher – for example, two Kings.
  • Two Pairs – two cards that have the same rank, for example, two 10s.
  • Three of a Kind – three poker cards with the same rank, for example, three 5s.
  • Straight – a hand with five successive cards, for example, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  • Flush – a hand with only cards from the same suit, for example, hearts.
  • Full House – a hand with a pair and a three of a kind, for example, three Ks and two 10s.
  • Four-of-a-Kind – four cards that have the same rank, for example, four Queens.
  • Straight Flush – a hand that is a straight and a flush. For example, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 all in the same suit.
  • Royal Flush – a hand with five cards in the same suit ranging from 10 to Ace.
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Joker Poker Strategy

Now that you are familiar with this game, we can go ahead and discuss strategy. Remember, the average payout ratio is somewhere around 99%, contingent on your skills. This is why it’s imperative to use the best Joker Poker strategy so that you can make wise decisions and your wagers will not go to waste.

How to Play Joker Poker

This game is played with 53 card decks, all the regular cards 2-A plus one joker. This makes this one of the few Joker games that you can get a five-of-a-kind hand.

  1. Choose an online casino from the list at the top of this page, or sign in to your casino account.
  2. Pick a payment method available in your region and add your cash.
  3. Select the Joker Poker video poker game at the casino you’re playing at.
  4. Select an amount to bet in your first round.
  5. Look for the ‘deal cards’ knob on the screen and then click on it to start the first round of the game. Five cards will then appear on the screen, dealt randomly from the 53-standard deck of cards.
  6. Look at the five cards that are in front of you and control if you want to discard any cards to recover your hand, or leave it as is if you have a strong hand.
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