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Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers Madden20 Picks, Predictions & Odds – 4/29/20

This afternoon’s set of NFL simulations includes a repeat of the Super Bowl 54 matchup earlier this year – Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers. Before the real-life game, the simulation had predicted that 49ers would win the game with a blowout. Knowing the result now, it’s tough to see how the simulation is going to go, especially as player ratings are adjusted on a semi-regular basis in updates.

With the Kansas City Chiefs actually having won the Super Bowl earlier this year, quarterback Patrick Mahomes featuring an incredible 99 rating, and the Chiefs on a simulation winning streak, we want to say this decision is easy. But then again, the game pegged the 49ers to destroy the Chiefs in the final. So, is it really that easy to predict?

kansas city chiefs vs san francisco 49ers madden prediction

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers Madden Prediction

  • As far as ratings go, the Kansas City Chiefs have several players rated in the mid to high 90s. As already mentioned, Patrick Mahomes has the highest possible rating in the game, with great acceleration and awareness stats, making him tough to defend against. With wide receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce also being ranked in the high 90s, the simulation is sure to see a lot of passing plays go in favor of the Chiefs.
  • The San Francisco 49ers only have two players ranked in the 90s – tight end George Kittle and cornerback Richard Sherman. They have eight players ranked in the 80s. As in real-life, their defensive squad is the highlight, with Nick Bosa and Joe Staley featuring 89 ratings.
  • Defensive plays go in favor of the 49ers regularly but the same can’t be said about offensive plays. With 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo posting an 84 rating, he does not post as many successful plays as Patrick Mahomes.
  • The Chiefs have been on a simulation winning streak recently, with their offense proving a little too much for other teams to handle. Even for the teams with the best defensive lineups.
  • The Chiefs will be playing at home, and the game usually tends to give favor to teams playing in their own stadium.

Our Prediction

It’s a tough call, but we think that the Chiefs are going to keep this winning streak going. The 49ers have strong defensive players, but this may not be enough for the Chiefs’ highly-rated offensive model. We do think that it will be close, so we suggest going for the -3.5 spread in favor of the Chiefs.

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