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Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants Preview, Predictions & Betting Odds

Week 5 of the NFL season will see the Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants for a classic NFC clash. Both teams come into the matchup with different narratives surrounding their seasons. While the Vikings were thought to have a good chance to do well this year, their hopes have started simmering down as quarterback Kirk Cousins has struggled to find form, and his wide receivers on the regular apparently, throwing for only three touchdowns while recording two interceptions.

The New York Giants started their season with a negative clout surrounding their prospects. In Week 3, veteran starting quarterback Eli Manning was replaced with rookie Daniel Jones and the team’s story has changed. With Jones starting, the team has recorded two wins against rather even opposition. Despite the recent change in fortune, many experts still don’t believe that the Giants have what it takes to win against more challenging opposition but let’s have a look.

Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants Prediction

Before making any sort of betting decision, we always like to look at some of the stats surrounding the two teams going into the game. Here are some important facts that may change your betting decision:

  • Giants’ Daniel Jones has gone 2-0 in the two games he has started, although the victories did come against two struggling teams (Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins).
  • The Giants star running back Saquon Barkley might miss the match due to an ankle injury. There are reports of him having recovered and practiced with the team though, so there is a possibility that he’ll play.
  • With regards to spreads, it is important to keep in mind that the Giants are 2-7-1 in their last ten games at home.
  • Vikings’ Kirk Cousins has underperformed thus far this season, throwing for only 735 yards thus far, and recording three touchdowns and two interceptions. Last week’s matchup against the Chicago Bears saw the quarterback get sacked a total of six times.
  • Giants’ starting linebackerRyan Connelly has suffered a season-ending injury, meaning that there is now possibly a hole in their defense. However, that stated, recently activated Josiah Tauaefa will be looking to prove himself.

So, with all this said, here are our predictions for Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants:

  • Moneyline – although the odds are stacked against New York, we don’t believe the zeitgeist around Jones is just that. He’s proved himself capable of leading the team to wins in big situations. The real test for him will be with a team like the Vikings, and we think he and the Giants have enough to overcome it.
  • Spread – we’d also go New York for -5.5. Cousins, like Trubisky, has struggled to show himself capable of throwing long balls when required. This means that even if he is able to get past the Giants’ wakened defense, he won’t be leading scoring drives each time the Vikings’ offense is on the field.

Kim’s NFL Record so far: 11-7 (Parlays: 0-2)

Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants Betting Odds


Teams BetOnline Sports Betting MyBookie Bovada Intertops
Vikings -205 -205 -210 -210 -220
Giants +175 +175 +175 +175 +180


Teams BetOnline Sports Betting MyBookie Bovada Intertops
Vikings +102 +102 -110 -105 -110
Giants -122 -122 -110 -115 -110

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