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Best MLB All-Star Game Betting Sites

MLB All-Star Game betting is probably one of the most popular forms of baseball betting. Dubbed the Mid-Summer Classic, the All-Star Game sees the top players in both the American League and National League form two respective teams and compete in a game with all the best talent the sport has to offer. The game proves to be an interesting opportunity for baseball bettors because of all of the new factors to consider and the fact that many sportsbooks offer time-limited prop lines that are practically only available on the All-Star Game or World mlb all star game betting sites usa

If you would like to learn more about betting on the MLB All-Star Game, make sure to stay on this page. Below we have a look at betting on this exciting summer event, including how the MLB All-Star Classic works, the betting lines available on the event, and the strategies to keep in mind to ensure that you win the biggest possible prize. Read on and begin wagering on this MLB favorite at the best online gambling sites in the United States today!

Best MLB Betting Sites

What You’ll Find in Our MLB All-Star Game Betting Guide

How the MLB All-Star Game Worksbest mlb all star game betting odds usa

The MLB All-Star Game is an annual baseball game played at the halfway point of the MLB season. As mentioned above, the best players from both the American and National Leagues are arranged into two teams representing each of the respective Leagues. The League that wins the match gets home-field advantage during the World Series.

The players which make up each team are determined by a balloting system. Fans vote on starting fielders, managers vote on pitchers and then managers and players vote on reserves. The game is contested at a different location each year, and players are given a two-day break before it to ensure that all remains fair.

As mentioned above, the game sees some of the biggest talents in the sport come together to make somewhat of a dream team. Currently, the American League is on a six-year winning streak (despite the World Series itself being more evenly contested), making moneylines slightly more predictable.

Home Run Derby

Since 1985, the Home Run Derby has been hosted the day before the All-Star Game. Throughout the years, the much-loved home run hitting competition has gone through several different rule changes.

Its current format is a bracket-style timed event where hitters are seeded by the number of home runs they have hit throughout the regular season. They are then given five minutes to try and hit as many home runs as possible. Players earn additional time for distance and for hitting consecutive home runs.

MLB All-Star Game Betting Lines Explainedmlb all-star betting lines usa

As stated above, the MLB All-Star Game can be a pretty exciting event to bet on due to all the new lines made present for it. Below are some of the lines US bettors can expect to find at all the best sports betting sites when looking to wager on the prestigious event:

  • Moneyline – these are simple win/lose bets. Bettors predict which team will win the All-Star Game, or which hitter will win the Home Run Derby.
  • Run Lines – although it may take some time to calculate which team may have the edge over the other, many sportsbooks do allow bettors to place run line bets on the MLB All-Star Game.
  • MLB All Star Game Prop Bets – these are some of the most exciting bets available on this annual event. Remember that with props, bettors aren’t wagering on the outcome of the game but rather an event occurring in-game. For example, bettors could wager on whether or not Mike Trout will score a home run, or how many home runs he will score. Or, they can bet on how many strikeouts pitcher Justin Verlander will get throughout the game.
  • Futures – as the MLB All-Star Game is a single match that is played until a winner is determined, futures in this area really focus on predicting which players will be named to the All-Star Game.
  • Totals – if you think you know how many runs are going to be scored in the match, try your luck with a totals (or over/under) bet.

Reading MLB All-Star Game Betting Oddsmlb all star game odds

Some bettors see odds, and they are immediately put off by the idea of baseball betting. Not so much that they are getting bad prices, but rather that odds seem pretty complicated to the uneducated eye. However, if you are anyway familiar with sports betting in the United States, you will know that they are easy to read.

Well, the first thing you got to know about odds is that there are three ways of illustrating them, In the United States, American odds is the preferred system, which is why we will focus on explaining that system down below. (However, if you would like to learn about the others, make sure to visit our odds guide.)

Basically, when you visit a US online sports betting site, odds will most likely be illustrated in the following manner:

American League -200

National League +200

Now, to calculate how much you could win by betting on either of the two teams, all you have to do is look at whether a plus or minus sign precedes the number, and then use one of the two formulas to calculate how much you could potentially win:

  • Plus – Odds x (Stake/100)
  • Minus – (100/Odds) x Stake

And, just like that, you’ll know how much you could potentially win on a wager or even how much you’ll need to bet in order to win a certain amount.

Best MLB All-Star Game Betting Strategiesbest mlb all star game betting strategies

If you are looking to make some money on a betting line on MLB All Star Game, make sure to keep the following betting tips and strategies in mind. While they don’t guarantee wins (no tip ever does), they are sure to help you make some more educated bets, which at the end of the day is all you can really do to improve your chances.

  • Injuries are Important – while the All-Star Game is an exciting annual spectacle, it is just that – a spectacle. Bettors should not expect managers to risk injuries to star players who may be nursing small injuries (even if they have a chance to win home-field advantage in the World Series.) Thus, you should try to have a good look at how managers plan to use their available roster. Sometimes, you may see unexpected players get more playing time.
  • Pay Attention to Fan Voting Trends – you want to have a look at exactly which players fans are voting to the team and their stats. Remember that fans sometimes get it right, and other times get it wrong (which is why betting against the public exists.) So, study up on the team selection.
  • Consider Fading the Public – as we mentioned, the American League has won the All-Star Game a fair number of times in recent years. This could lead betting trends to be lopsided in their favor, even if they don’t have the best squad. Thus, you should consider betting against the public if you truly believe that the opposite outcome is likely to happen.

Last 10 MLB All-Star Game Winnersmlb all-star game winners

Here is a list of the last 10 winners of the MLB All-Star Game. You’ll notice that the American League has been pretty dominant recently, which has made MLB betting a bit more predictable:

2009American League
2010National League
2011National League
2012National League
2013American League
2014American League
2015American League
2016American League
2017American League
2018American League
2019American League

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