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Best MLB World Series Betting Sites

MLB World Series betting is the pinnacle of baseball betting in the United States. Teams across the country power through 162 regular season games, and then through a rigorous postseason schedule in order to make it to the biggest event in the sport – the World Series. Arguably, the most competitive and hardest final to get to in all of the biggest sporting leagues across the USA, the World Series millions of spectators, and even more betting opportunities for avid baseball gamblers who seek to make their own fortune on the world series betting odds usa

If you are looking to find out more about how to bet on the most exciting event in baseball, or are simply on the hunt for the best MLB odds to win World Series, make sure to stick around. Below we give you pointers on how to find an online gambling site that is suited to your needs, along with explaining the betting options available to you, among other interesting tips and tricks. So, read on and begin betting on baseball today!

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Picking an MLB World Series Sportsbookbest mlb world series betting sites

When picking an online sports betting site that will easily allow you to bet on the World Series, or any other MLB match for that matter, make sure to consider the factors listed below:

  • Betting Options – there are various aspects to this factor. The first is that bettors need to make sure that the sportsbook they choose has a number of sports to bet on. The second is that they need to make sure that there are variety of lines available too, and that they are able to take advantage of some.
  • Good Odds – after you have made sure that the site has a load of betting lines, have a look at the odds available on each line. If you are unable to see yourself walking away with a profit with what’s on offer, you may have to move on to the next sportsbook.
  • Safety – before signing up and making any sort of deposit, you need to make sure that the sportsbook is licensed and registered with online gambling authorities. You don’t want to sign up at a site that is going to steal your money.
  • Banking Options – if it offers good lines and is safe to use, you are free to make a deposit. However, make sure to check the banking options that are available to you and whether or not there are deposit and withdrawal options that appeal to you.
  • Payout Speeds – nobody wants to wait weeks, months or even years for their money. As part of checking whether a site is safe to use, bettors should also be checking the average time it takes them to payout bettors.

How to Bet on the MLB World Seriesmlb world series betting usa

Here are all the most popular MLB World Series betting lines made available to you at online sports betting sites:

  • Moneyline – this bet involves choosing the winner of either a specific game or the entire series.
  • Run Lines – basically, run line is just another name for a point spread bet, except specific to baseball. The bookie adjusts the line so that the underdog gets an advantage in the match, according to bets. For example, the bookie could give the underdog a +1.5 run advantage, while the favorite gets a -1.5 run handicap.
  • Totals (Over/Under) – this is a bet on the total score overall (both teams’ scores combined.) Sportsbooks will set predicted score lines for the teams involved in the World Series, and bettors then get a chance to bet over or under those predicted lines.
  • Props – these wagers are about betting on events rather than results. Most sportsbooks give bettors the opportunity to wager on a number of different lines, including the number of runs a player rack up, or the number of strikes a pitcher throws. It’s always important to have a look at the prop options available to you when betting the World Series as there are loads of new bets that are available just for the series.
  • Futures – these bets are placed at the start of the Series. They can be placed on which team is going to win, or on which player will be named MVP. These bets are difficult to guess correctly but offer massive payouts.
  • Live Betting – gamblers make wagers on the game as it is live in-play. Most of the betting options outlined above are available in live variants, with updated odds as the game continues.

Top MLB World Series Betting Tipsbest world series betting tips

If you are looking for some World Series betting tips to give yourself an advantage when placing your wagers, make sure to keep the following in mind. While they will not guarantee bettors a win, they will at the very least boost bettors’ MLB Preseason World Series odds:

  • The starting pitcher is the most important position to handicap in baseball betting. Do your homework on who they are, how they have been performing throughout the season, and their past performances against their opponent. If Clayton Kershaw has a history of messing up against the Boston Red Sox, and the Los Angeles Dodgers decide to start him, you may want to think twice about betting on the Dodgers.
  • The strength of a team’s bullpen also plays a detrimental role on results. Remember that it is all good to have an amazing starting pitcher, but what if he suffers an injury and cannot continue the match? Will the relief pitcher be able to continue their work? Or, will they allow their opposition to get the edge?
  • Pay attention to the ballpark the game is being played. Remember that certain grounds are favorable to certain players or outcomes. Some are more favorable to pitchers, whereas others favor batters.
  • Focus on the travel patterns both teams. Research suggests that teams travelling from the West to East Coast are more likely to perform worse than their opponents i.e. allow more homeruns and hit fewer themselves.
  •  Make sure to shop around for betting World Series odds. You don’t want to place a bet at one sportsbook only to find out that you could’ve made more money at another.

Current Odds to Win World Series 2020best odds to win world series usa

If you are looking for some of the latest and greatest MLB betting odds to win World Series, make sure to have a look at the odds on offer at the sportsbooks listed above. At the moment, here are some provisional odds available at this point in the MLB postseason:

TeamOdds to Win
Houston Astros+150
New York Yankees+220
Washington Nationals+190
St Louis Cardinals+1200

History of the MLB World Seriesworld series history

The MLB World Series is a highly-anticipated ultimatum of the Major League Baseball season. The game sees the winner of the American League Championship series take on the winner of the National League Championship series.

The first contest took place in 1903 between the Boston Americans (currently the Boston Red Sox) and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since its inception, many changes have been made to the series, and how it is contested but it still remains one of the most popular sporting event on the US calendar, often being affectionately dubbed the Fall Classic.

Historically, the team which has won the most World Series titles is the Yankees. They’ve won 27 times out of 40 appearances. They’re also the last team to have won the World Series consecutively, having won in 1998, 1999, and 2000. In terms of league performance, the American League has won more World series titles that their National League counterparts.

While the World Series seemingly used to be somewhat more predictable in earlier years with teams winning or making it to the finals quite easily in consecutive years, the league has become somewhat less predictable in recent years. This makes it one of the most exciting sporting events to bet on. The Chicago Cubs 2016 victory speaks to that.

Baseball World Series Betting FAQsmlb baseball world series betting sites

What are the betting odds on the World Series?

The betting odds on the World Series are forever changing. Thus, bettors will need to make sure to keep checking all their favorite sportsbooks for the current available odds in order to see who is considered the favorite and underdog.

Who has won the most World Series titles?

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series titles having played in 40 championships, and having won a total of 27 times. Their most recent win occurred in 2009 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Who has lost the most World Series titles?

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Los Angeles Dodgers have lost the most World Series championship events with a total of 14. Their most recent loss occurred in 2018 against the Boston Red Sox. Their last win occurred in the 1988 season.

Which teams have never won a World Series?

There are seven teams in the MLB that have yet to win a World Series title and they are:

  • Texas Rangers
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Washington Nationals
  • San Diego Padres
  • Seattle Mariners
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Tampa Bay Rays

Who has the longest World Series drought?

Following the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World Series victory, which ended a drought that had lasted 108 years, the Cleveland Indians have now got the longest lasting drought, which has lasted more than 71 years (teams who have never won a title withstanding.)

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