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Bellator Betting Sites

Bellator is a mixed martial arts promoter in the United States of America. The company is based in California and is operated and owned by Viacom. Launched in 2008, Bellator’s first ever event took part in 2009, and since then, the company has been making good impressions and managed to build and maintain a good reputation. Today, it stands as one of the biggest mixed martial arts promoters worldwide, especially in the United States of America. Bellator currently features some of the top rated fighters in combat sports.

Bellator MMA has now joined UFC as part of the rapidly growing sporting activities in the USA.  Just as boxing continues to grow in the realm of online betting, so does MMA betting. This has resulted in Bellator betting lines being more prominent on MMA gambling industries.  Read on below and learn all there is to know about Bellator betting at the best online gambling sites in the USA.

Top Bellator Betting Sites

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Betting on Bellator

The mixed martial arts company promotes dozens of top fighters from all over the world. Similar to other top MMA organizations, the fighters get their glory through different objectives, with knockouts being the more effective result.

Technical knockouts are when the referee, the fighter’s corner or the doctor intervenes in the fight to save the fighter who can’t defend themselves anymore. There are quite a lot of ways for USA players to bet on Bellator and the more precise their bet is, the higher their payout will be. Below are some of the ways that players can bet on Bellator at US sports betting sites.

Method of Victory

The method victory is usually grouped into three departments which are the knockout, technical knockout and technical decisions. When the player chooses to place their bets using this method, they can increase their chances of winning by selecting options like ‘win by unanimous decision’. This is when the bettor has confidence one fighter will dominate the match and that it will last three or five rounds.

Total Rounds

This is when gamblers bet under or over on when the match’s end. It’s typically an under/over of 1.5 for the standard matches, 1:30 for round two and 2.5 for championships. In uneven match ups or higher weight classes, we advise American players to consider betting on the under instead, while in lower weight matches or even matches, making the over bet is typically safer.

Round of Victory

Here, USA bettors have an option to wager on what round they think the match will end, or if it will reach the decision stage or not. It mostly goes hand in hand with selecting the fighter as well. The payouts for this option are slightly higher compared to just selecting a winner, or placing your bets on total rounds under/over.

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When players in the United States of America want to take advantage of the top Bellator gambling trends, we advise them to register at reputable MMA betting sites. This will ensure that they get good proper odds and also get a guarantee of receiving their winnings.  By offering safe and secure services, the sportsbooks we feature give new American bettors a fantastic welcome bonus package, helping them to get familiar with Bellator MMA betting before spending real money. Start betting on Bellator and win real money today!

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