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How to Bet on MotoGP

MotoGP is the premier motorcycle racing discipline in the world. It features the fastest bikes in the world, ridden by the best riders. The action is intense, exciting, and very unpredictable. Gambling 360 is here to help you when betting on MotoGP. We bring you up to date MotoGP betting odds, as well as some tips and tricks for how to succeed. There are so many different betting options available it can be very hard to decide where to bet your money. While this guide does look specifically at MotoGP, it is also applicable to the lower classes, like Moto3 and Moto2, as sportsbooks will happily accept wagers on those as well. Below is our complete guide to MotoGP motorsport betting at the best US online gambling sites in 2020.

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What You’ll Find In Our MotoGP Betting Guide

Top MotoGP Betting Tips

When it comes to sports betting on MotoGP, it is no different to any other sport. A gambler’s most valuable weapon is their knowledge of the sport. So, our biggest tip is to study. Gamblers need to analyse previous races in the season, as well as previous events held at the particular track. One rider or team may always do well at a particular track. This could give you some insight into how the race will play out.

It is also important to watch all the sessions leading up to the race. Watch the practice and qualifying, before making your bets for the race. This should help gamblers when it comes to placing their bet, as they may get to see how the riders perform in different weather conditions.

While getting pole position in qualifying is a good thing, don’t see this as a reason to bet on a rider to win though. MotoGP is extremely unpredictable and in the 2017 season, only five people who started on pole won the race, out of 18 races! In addition to this, only eight of the pole position sittings went on to finish in the top three. So, as you can clearly see, starting on pole is no guarantee of a win.

MotoGP Bets

Due to how close the racing is and how unpredictable MotoGP can be, it is not uncommon for motorsport betting enthusiasts to have no idea what bets they should place. We’re all looking for that sure-thing, something which doesn’t really exist in this sport. So, what types of bets can you place? Well, top online sportsbooks will obviously allow you to bet on who will win, which team/manufacturer will win, who will have the fastest lap and so on.

However, gamblers can also bet on who will be on the podium, which riders will make up the top six, who will score points, and much more. You can even bet on what nationality the winning rider will be. As the sport is dominated by riders from Spain, this is a pretty safe bet.

Best betting sites for MotoGP

If you’re looking for more long-term bets, you can always bet on who you think will win the rider’s championship, or the constructor’s championship. Going into 2020, our money is on Marc Marquez. He has won six out of the last six rider’s championships. He will definitely be a favorite to win again in 2020 and will be tough to beat.

But this is MotoGP, where anything can happen as riders battle it out on these 1000cc monsters. Who’s your money on? Below you’ll find the complete calendar for 2020, so make sure you don’t miss a thing.

MotoGP 2020 Calendar

10th MarchQatar Grand Prix11th AugustAustrian Grand Prix
31st MarchArgentine Grand Prix25th AugustBritish Grand Prix
14th AprilAmericas Grand Prix15th SeptemberSan Marino Grand Prix
5th MaySpanish Grand Prix22nd SeptemberAragon Grand Prix
19th MayFrench Grand Prix6th OctoberThai Grand Prix
2nd JuneItalian Grand Prix20th OctoberJapanese Grand Prix
16th JuneCatalan Grand Prix27th OctoberAustralian Grand Prix
30th JuneDutch Grand Prix3rd NovemberMalaysian Grand Prix
7th JulyGerman Grand Prix17th NovemberValencia Grand Prix
4th AugustCzech Grand Prix 
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