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Best NBA Betting Lines 2021

best nba betting lines usaNBA betting lines are updated every day by sportsbooks. With the NBA being one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world, US bettors can trust that there are loads of NBA betting lines available at the top online gambling sites. Often, the only thing that stops many gamblers from placing bets on NBA lines is the fact that they do not understand sports betting terminology. (After all, how is a novice bettor supposed to know that a moneyline bet is placed on the team that the bettor thinks is going to win?)

If you would like to find out more about NBA betting lines and how they work, make sure to have a good look at our dedicated guide down below. There we discuss all the best NBA betting lines. We get into what they mean and also provide a bit of advice regarding whether or not they are great bets to make throughout the season. We also provide a list of the best basketball betting sites, so that you can get the best odds when you place your next NBA bet. So, what are you waiting for?

Find the Best NBA Betting Lines Today

Looking for the best betting line on NBA games? Well, look no further than the US sports betting sites listed down below. They are sure to provide you with amazing odds on every match you could ever want to bet on!

NBA Betting Lines Links

best nba betting lines online usa

Popular NBA Betting Lines

Looking to find out more about the best NBA betting lines at top betting sites? Well, we have a look at all the favorites here:

Point Spread – Line Betting NBA

Spread bets attempted to even the playing field between a clear favorite and underdog, which is why it is the most popular betting option in the NBA. Basically, the sportsbook sets a margin they think the favorite will win by, and then bettors are able to whether or not the team will beat the spread.

Now, NBA line betting may seem a little confusing when explained like this, so we’ll try to make it easier to understand with an example. So, let’s say the Milwaukee Bucks are playing the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors aren’t playing well this season, while nobody can stop the Bucks with Giannis. So, sportsbooks set a line of Bucks -14.5/Warriors +14.5.

All this means is that the Warriors need to lose the game by less than 15 points for any bets on them to be successful, whereas the Bucks need to win by 15 or more points for bets made on them to be successful. You see? It’s easy!

Money Line Bet NBA

This is a bet where all the gambler needs to do is select a winner for the game. Now, as NBA results tend to be a little more predictable than their baseball or hockey counterparts, bettors don’t generally like wagering on the favorite because you have to bet a lot to win anything in games that have an obvious favorite.

Although moneyline bets are more popular in other sports, they have recently seen a rise in popularity in NBA betting as well. The reason for this is that there are more bettors attempting to bet against the public, which you can learn more about in our dedicated NBA public betting guide.


Also known as over/unders, these are bets made on the total number of points scored on a particular game. The sportsbook will set multiple lines from which bettors are able to select from. Gamblers then state whether or not the overall score of the game will go over or under the total suggested by the sportsbook.

Often, beginner sport bettors start their online gambling career with these bets because they are easy to understand and get right if you are being more conservative.

Futures – NBA Basketball Betting Lines

These are bets made on teams or players to win specific games or titles sometime in the future. For example, a future bet involves selecting a team to win the NBA Championship at the beginning of the season. These bets payout a lot but they are also very hard to get right and tie up your money for a very long time.

While we think bettors should have some fun with a future, we do not think that it should make the bulk of their repository.


Also known as proposition bets, these are wagers made on specific events that take place in the game, but do not affect the outcome of the match. For example, in a Boston Celtics game, US gamblers can wager on whether or not Jayson Tatum will score more than 30 points and such. The Celtics can still lose the match; what matters is whether or not Tatum is able to score 30 points or not.
top nba playoffs betting lines usa

NBA Playoffs Betting Lines

NBA Playoff series betting lines are often quite exciting as sportsbooks make many new additions to their list of options – particularly, the props section. Playoff series also provide a good opportunity for bettors to make a lot of money very quickly. Generally, unless there really is an overwhelming favorite, betting series tend to see team go back and forth. So, one team will win the first game and then their opponent will win the second.

Make sure to have a good look at our NBA playoffs betting guide for more tips on betting on the NBA playoffs.

NBA Finals Betting Lines

NBA Finals series betting lines are even more exciting than those added on the playoff series. Like with the Super Bowl, betting sites add a host of new prop bets that are not available for any other game throughout the year. Example of such props include whether the winning team’s coach will be covered in Gatorade.

We urge bettors to have a good look at these special betting lines for NBA Finals but also be wary of making too many. You don’t want to make too many novelty bets as these are bets that do not involve any research and are very easy to lose.
best nba playoffs betting lines usa

NBA All Star Game Betting Lines

NBA All Star betting lines also introduce new betting opportunities. The best players from both the Eastern Conference and Western Conference are all involved in one match, so understandable a lot of new interesting betting opportunities come about based on their skills.

For example, sportsbooks could set a prop bet involving the NBA point per game leader will surpass their average during the All-Star game. Or, they could introduce a line involving which player will score the most points overall. There’s also the MVP award to think about so there’s that.

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