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NBA Live Betting Sites 2021

nba live betting onlineLive NBA betting is exceedingly popular at online gambling sites. With a match already in motion, gamblers stand a chance to win more bets with live NBA betting lines that are adjusted as the game takes place. This list of NBA live betting options available at online gambling sites is almost endless, with the biggest games featuring hundreds of lines. With so many extra chances to increase your bankroll, sometimes gamblers can be overwhelmed by all the possibilities made available with NBA live betting.

However, there is no reason to worry as we have created the ultimate NBA live betting guide below. We provide bettors with the best NBA live betting tips, list some of the available lines at the best sports betting sites and have a look at how odds on live games work. So, read on and find out all you need to know about placing wagers on in-action games at NBA live betting sites.

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nba live betting tips

Best NBA Live Betting Strategy

Looking for the best NBA live betting tips? Well, we have got some here for you! While we can’t say that these NBA live betting tips will help you win every bet you place; we can say that they will at least help you make better bets on a regular basis. So, here are our top tips for betting on NBA games:

  • Plan Ahead – there are two aspects of this tip. Firstly, know what sort of odds you would like to see in a prospective bet before making it. For example, you will only bet on lines with odds set at -200 or higher. Secondly, you need to decide on the number of bets you are willing to make. Sometimes, it is easy to get carried away with live NBA bets, so don’t let yourself fall victim to overspending by deciding on how many bets you want to place before you begin your betting session.
  • Patience Wins More Bets – it is important to have a look at how the game is going to go before placing a bet. Remember that a game could look competitive in the first quarter, only for a coach to make a change that reduces team momentum. Try to anticipate these changes but not without having a good look at what is happening first.
  • Look at Team Rosters – if you place a standard moneyline, you do so without knowing what could happen to players in a match. When you place live bets, you get a chance to look at which players are doing well and which aren’t and whether this is affecting the game. For example, if Lebron James gets injured in the second quarter, this could turn the tide of a Los Angeles Lakers game, especially if his teammates aren’t playing particularly well.
  • Try to Middle Your Bet – don’t go for insane lines that kind of already go into knowing that there is almost no chance of winning. Rather go for safe bets that provide you a fair chance of winning.
nba live betting lines

Top NBA Live Betting Lines

Live NBA betting lines are very similar to those available before the game begins. Here is a list of lines bettors can expect to find when they place live bets on the NBA at top sports betting sites:

  • Spreads – here the sportsbook sets a favorite and an underdog and tries to even the odds by setting a line that the favorite needs to win by if bets made on them are to be successful. These are hard bets to get right but are very profitable if you do.
  • Moneylines – with these bets, gamblers select a team to win the game. If you pick a team who is clearly losing halfway through the game, you will probably find yourself placing bets at higher odds, which is why some bettors prefer these bets.
  • Quarter/Half-Time Winners – these bets follow the same concept as a moneyline bet but focus on a shorter period of the game. The bet focuses on picking the team that scored the most points in that chosen period. The team that wins this bet could lose the game as a whole; it just needs to win the quarter or half.
  • Totals – with this wager, bettors attempt to predict whether the total score of the game will be over or under a line set by the sportsbook in question.
  • Odds/Evens – with this bet, gamblers wager on whether the total score of the game combined will be an odd or even number. The bet is similar to the wager of the same name available in roulette.
  • Player Props – these bets attempt on trying to predict whether players will reach a certain score, rebound or assist totals. These lines have nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

Looking for more NBA live betting options? Make sure to visit our top-recommended NBA betting sites to find more lines.
nba live betting odds

NBA Live Betting Odds

Reading NBA live betting odds is as easy as reading those available on lines before the game starts. In the United States, American (or moneyline) odds are used. Reading these odds involves looking at the symbol before the number and using a formula to calculate potential winnings. Based on the sign before the number, use one of the two following signs to calculate your winnings:

  • Positive – Odds x (Stake/100)
  • Negative – (100/Odds) x Stake

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