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NBA Odds 2021

best nba oddsNBA odds and lines are very popular at US online gambling sites. Every season, thousands of bets are made on the league with NBA Championship odds, arguably being the lines to draw the most attention. With basketball being as predictable as it is at times, it is really no surprise that many US bettors scrutinize NBA betting odds in search of a great deal. You really never know when you are going to find an opportunity to bet against the public and make some big cash.

If you are a little confused as to how NBA odds work, or why they are so important, make sure to stick around. On this page, we have created the ultimate NBA betting odds guide. So, whether you want to bet on the NBA finals odds or you have your eye on those pretty NBA MVP odds, we have explained it all for you down below. We even provide a list of top US sports betting sites to get your betting career started at.

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NBA Betting Guide Contents

best nba basketball odds

NBA Odds Explained – How Betting Lines Work

Confused as to how NBA basketball odds work? Well, we’ll go through all you need to know about NBA odds (lines) available to you at the best betting sites in America!

  • Point Spread – these are the most popular NBA odds at US betting sites. Basically, NBA betting sites set a favorite and an underdog, and then they try to even the odds by setting a score the favorite needs to win by. Bettors then select whether or not the favorite will beat the score.
  • Totals – with these bets, US gamblers attempt to bet on whether or not the total score of a match combined will be over or under a certain line.
  • Moneylines – this is a line that deals with simply picking a winner for the match. NBA betting odds on this line are generally lower than those seen on other matches.
  • Futures – these are bets made on future games or events. For example, selecting an NBA Champion for the season before it even begins.
  • Live Bets – these are bets made on games currently taking place. It is a blanket term used to refer to moneylines, totals, point spread, etc. on games currently taking place.
  • Props – these are best made on an event taking place. For example, placing a bet on Lebron James to score 10 three-pointers for the Lakers, etc.
best nba playoff odds

Top NBA Playoff Odds

NBA playoff odds are quite lucrative for bettors who know what they are doing. Players who are familiar with the format of the league will know that NBA series odds can prove to be quite profitable if teams follow a back-and-forth pattern, which often does happen.

In addition, several new betting lines open up to bettors, such as futures on the series outcome, totals on the series score, etc. Some NBA fans regard the playoffs as the most exciting part of the season, and so do sportsbooks. Be sure to be on the lookout for some playoff related bonuses at your favorite sites!
best nba championship odds

Best 2021 NBA Championship Odds

Some of the most popular betting odds featured on the NBA are NBA odds to win Championship. At the start of each season, sportsbooks across the country try to evaluate each team’s odds to win NBA Finals that season in order to set future bets.

NBA futures odds on the Championship are probably the most popular wagers on the entire league, with many casual bettors chiming in to get in on the action. Although these bets promise incredible payouts, it is important not to tie up too much of your bankroll on odds to win NBA title bets. After all, not only are these bets incredibly hard to get correct, they also take the whole season to come to a conclusion.

Odds to Win NBA Championship 2021

If you’re looking for the current NBA Championship odds, be sure to check them out here. At the time of writing, the odds are as follows (be sure to check our recommended US betting sites for the most recent listing.)

Team NBA Title Odds 2021
Los Angeles Lakers +225
Milwaukee Bucks +275
Los Angeles Clippers +300
Boston Celtics +1400
Houston Rockets +1450
Philadelphia 76ers +1600
Toronto Raptors +1600
Denver Nuggets +2000
Utah Jazz +2000
Miami Heat +2500
Dallas Mavericks +3500
Indiana Pacers +8000
Portland Trailblazers +10000
New Orleans Pelicans +12000
Oklahoma City Thunder +15000
Memphis Grizzlies +20000
Brooklyn Nets +25000
San Antonio Spurs +50000
Orlando Magic +55000
Sacramento Kings +100000
Detroit Pistons +100000
Minnesota Timberwolves +100000
Phoenix Suns +100000
Charlotte Hornets +100000
Atlanta Hawks +100000
Chicago Bulls +100000
New York Knicks +100000
Cleveland Cavaliers +100000
Washington Wizards +100000
best nba mvp odds


These are futures made on individual players. Given the number of players in the league, it is a much harder bet to get right than simply trying to predict which team will win the Championship this year. Players need to be looking at the performances of a large number of players in the league and need to guess how sports journalists are going to vote.

For example, the 2019 season’s MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing exceptionally well again this season, but will sportswriters give him the MVP award for the second year running?

These are the types of things you need to consider. If you are looking for more bets such as this, be sure to have a look at NBA Rookie of the Year odds and Defensive Player of the Year odds and the like.
best nba draft odds

How NBA Draft Odds Work

Are you a huge college basketball fan? Well, then there is an opportunity for you to make big bank on the NBA draft. Each and every year, sportsbooks take wagers on which players will be picked first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

With so many great players populating the NCAAB, it is a very difficult decision to make. As with all future bets, we recommend that US bettors try to hedge their wager by making multiple selections to cover their losses; however, make sure not to tie up too much of your bankroll with these NBA lines and odds.

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