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NBA Pacific Division Odds

John Ford | March 6, 2020 | Updated on: December 4th, 2023

nba pacific division oddsThe NBA Pacific Division is home to some of the most famous teams in the league as well as the most competitive. The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors have been dominant forces in the league in the last decade or so, which has made betting on the league pretty profitable. Despite the Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers all experiencing short stages of dominance in the league, the division has really been the story of the Warriors and the Lakers.

However, with the fall of the Warriors dynasty over the last season, it really seems like the division is opening up to new opportunities. The Los Angeles Clippers seem like they may finally get their first NBA Championship win soon, so most sportsbooks have some good odds on them. If you would like to find out more about betting on the NBA Pacific Division, make sure to carry on reading.

Below we look at each team’s odds of winning the Pacific Division this season as well as some crucial betting statistics, among many other things. We also provide you with a list of online gambling sites that allow you to make the best bets on basketball. So, what are you waiting for?

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odds to win nba pacific division

Odds to Win NBA Pacific Division

Looking to place a future on the NBA Pacific Division winner at sports betting sites? Well, we have a look at each team’s odds of winning the division below.

  • Golden State Warriors – many see the end of Golden State Warriors’ dynasty the moment Kevin Durant limped off the court in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals. It would be hard to fault basketball fans who believe such as the team has been having a terrible season. Don’t bet on them to win this year as they’re contending for last place in the league.
  • Los Angeles Clippers – the Clippers are known as underperformers but since bringing in Jerry West, they have been looking to become the next big dynasty to come out of the Pacific Division. The team re-build seems to be working and with Kawhi Leonard now in the squad, it seems that they may have a chance of seeing big results soon.
  • Los Angeles Lakers – the Lakers seem to be heading back to dominating the Pacific Division following their acquisition of Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Unless the Clippers are able to stop them, they are most likely going to take the division this season and perhaps the Western Conference too.
  • Phoenix Suns – the Suns’ only real dominant period in the league came when Steve Nash was still playing for them. Seeing as he left the team in 2012, it has been a long time since the team has really been considered competitive. Their form also does not seem to be improving, so we wouldn’t recommend betting on them.
  • Sacramento Kings – the Kings haven’t won a division title in near 20 years and have not made the playoffs in about 15 years. It looks as if this season is going to extend this streak by another year.

NBA Pacific Division Teams

nba pacific division winners

Last 10 NBA Pacific Division Champions

As we mentioned above, the NBA Pacific Division has pretty much been dominated by the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. Although the Los Angeles Clippers were able to pick up their first-ever division win in the last decade, the team has been an underperformer over its history.

There may be space for them to turn this narrative around now that the dynasty at the Golden State Warriors is over.

Season Winner
2009–10 Los Angeles Lakers
2010–11 Los Angeles Lakers
2011–12 Los Angeles Lakers
2012–13 Los Angeles Clippers
2013–14 Los Angeles Clippers
2014–15 Golden State Warriors
2015–16 Golden State Warriors
2016–17 Golden State Warriors
2017–18 Golden State Warriors
2018–19 Golden State Warriors
nba pacific division standings

NBA Pacific Division Standings

Sometimes, the most helpful information in making a bet is the simplest. Make sure to have a look at the current NBA Pacific Division standings in order to have a look at how a team is doing at the moment. The facts may sometimes surprise you. Here is the most recent update at the time of writing:

Place Team Record
1 Los Angeles Lakers 47-13
2 Los Angeles Clippers 43-19
3 Sacramento Kings 27-35
4 Phoenix Suns 24-38
5 Golden State Warriors 14-49
nba pacific division stats

Current NBA Pacific Division Betting Statistics

Before placing a bet on the teams in the NBA Pacific Division, you may want to have a look at some of these interesting stats and facts:

  • The most successful team in the Pacific Division is the Los Angeles Lakers. They have won 23 division titles and a total of 16 NBA Championships (which places them second in the league.) Although they have struggled over the last decade, the addition of Lebron James and Anthony Davis has put them on track to possibly take the league.
  • The Golden State Warriors are the most recent winners of the Pacific Division. The team has won the division for the last five years running, all of which they converted in to NBA Championship appearances.
  • The least successful team in the division is the Los Angeles Clippers who only have two division titles to their name. They are followed by the Phoenix Suns who have six division titles but have also made it to the NBA Finals on two occasions.
  • Over the last decade, there has not been a good history of more than two teams from the Pacific Division making it to the playoffs. This season, it seems as if the two teams to make it to the playoffs will be the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers.
nba pacific division history

History of the NBA Pacific Division

The NBA Pacific Division was formed in 1970 after the addition of three new teams to the league, which necessitated a division shuffle. It originally consisted of the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, San Diego Rockets, San Francisco Warriors and the Seattle SuperSonics.

This is a very different roster compared to today’s list of Pacific Division teams. The San Diego Rockets moved to Houston in 1971 and rebranded as the Houston Rockets and moved to a new division more fitting of their location. The Seattle SuperSonics moved the Oklahoma City and rebranded as the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008 and the Portland Trail Blazers simply moved to the Northwest Division.

Regarding the current teams in the division, the Los Angeles Clippers joined the division in 1978 following their relocation from New York. The Phoenix Suns joined in 1972 after another restructuring and the Sacramento Kings joined in 1988 after a relocation from New York.

Regarding the division’s history, outside a 10-year gap in the 1990s in which teams that no longer form part of the division dominated, the division has very much been either the story of the Los Angeles Lakers or Golden State Warriors. This is not to say that the Suns, Clippers and Kings have not had good years, it is just that they haven’t been as consistent as the Lakers or the Warriors.

The last decade has seen a team from the Pacific Division make it to the NBA Championship on six occasions and win it four times. In particular, the league as a whole has been dominated by the Golden State Warriors but with the Death Lineup now dismantled, it seems that another team may finally have a chance of taking the division for the first time in half a decade.

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